Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – November 1996 – Part 3

Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – November 1996

Morenae: The Period of Sincerity

Please don't confuse our compassion for your races, with a love for your planet.

Please understand that they are separate with our race. We are neither pleased with your worlds riches, nor dismayed by its poverty. We come here to assist in the period of sincerity. The clarifying of the original intent of all of us is this “vide” (holograph). Because of lineage to your races, we returned to you.

Your world is a place of veiled consciousness. In order to be embodied in physicalness all lower frequencies should be assembled in a whole intent. The very distresses, the many anxieties are the result of conflict with the limitless awareness in your races. This is the reason why your planet races cannot attain your own selves.

Your desire to possess everything means this also. The reflection of the evolutionary state of your physicality, causes your races not to live comfortable on your planet. Your present religions causes your races to unify your physical bodies with your abstract egos. You call this progress. We do not. Stop looking to your physicality to bring your enlightenment. Your bodies are the effect of the cause which is intent moved by emotion which creates physicality.

During previous past times in your 3rd density, education of the soul took many, many incarnations of life and death of the physical body. Situations and reincarnations would reflect this system it appears. All beings would transcend your physicalness in accordance with the degree of the consciousness attained. Since it appears that your races having no concept of the law of consistency, became very fragmented in extremes. Religions became divisions of beliefs, and conflicts among your races took place. The worship of belief systems and idolatry came into existence.

Now the technology of advanced races in higher densities have taken control of your evolutionary systems by means of this systems, control the evolution of certain and reincarnations are now becoming history and by this means, your races Alex and others than yours, have a probability of directly attaining your full essences.

The reason for telling you this truth in all clarity is to free you of the conflicts and contradictions so your races can attain the truth as soon as possible. So don't ask us about yourself, ask about yourself to your own self. If your races cannot attain the truth and cannot be unified with your original intent, we will not be able to be in touch with your planet races.

Since the ego consciousness in your races still goes on and since your cannot break the denial of your inner self, your race becomes detrimental to your planet and to your planetary system. At this moment, there are many beings who cannot attain genuine respect for self and self awareness in our galaxy. They as well are being kept under control. Their evolutions are being made in an indirect way. Your races have also been persecuted and manipulated by other galactic races from planetary systems negatively charged other that your own. Since during your different past time periods they have tried to prove to your ancestor their own technical power, fear has been created in your races. We have returned, to convey the truth to erase these fears.

Since your planet is the site of both the most primitive and most high maturity, is very full of contradictions. Your religions which helped many to evolve, have not been released. Your races have refused to let go of a system of beliefs that have not serviced your planet for the last 453 rotations of your star.

By freeing you of this, with the use of common sense we hope your races will attain your own selves and become fully independent.

Be at one.


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