Alex Collier – The Game: Why Are They Doing This To Us? – 2000

Alex Collier – The Game: Why Are They Doing This To Us? – 2000

The Game: Why Are They Doing This to Us?

By: Jon Robinson, Matt Langdon & John Pinter


Have you ever thought of what the government really is doing besides what the media tells us? Or the thought about how our day to day reality is not really what we perceive it to be? So if you never really gave it thought, maybe it’s time you should. What would you do if you discovered that each of us is all a part of an elaborate game designed to keep us under tight control? Would you want to break free? There are no easy answers our friends.

It seems that the government themselves who mess with our day to day lives, have screwed up too. They like to think that they are in total control but they are only players in the game who are really working with only bits and pieces of the puzzle. Yeah, government likes to think that they are the puppet masters pulling on the puppet strings of we the people. And yes, it sure can look and feel like they do. But there lies deeper down a more sinister reality. There are those upon our planet who call the shots from behind the scenes. Let us refer to them as the Shadow Government. So the picture is getting pretty grime by now you would think.

So before we launch in to all of this, we need to recognize one more factor. That there exists another even more sinister reality that is far harder to realize than that of a Shadow Government. These are beings who do not even claim to be native of this planet, but yet decided a long time ago that it was there property along with everything on it. And so these very beings designed the grandest illusion of deception to perpetrate a lie that has been cleverly brought upon the people of our world, down through the generations and eons of historical time that has so cleverly entrapped each of us in to doing what they desire, even against GODS universal law of Free Will of Choice. You might ask who or what has done all this?

Today we live in a world that seems to be falling down upon our heads. Yet, it rallies up and down cause the truth is that those who have set themselves up to be considered elite to the rest of us control our lives. Many years ago I remember hearing a warning about someday the corporations would rule the world. Well when you take a close look at our governments today, you will find that in reality they are just that – giant corporations. Even right down to their articles of incorporation. And we the citizens are their unknowing employee’s. And so they design and dictate policy. And for any who do not go along with the policy ends up unemployed, an outcast to society.

These governmental corporations also protect their own kind. Other corporations that they come to feed off of for donations and the power over others, they design policy to protect them even if it means that the quality of our lives will be sacrificed. And to assure that we do not see it that way, they will design elaborate illusions based on the lies that we the people are to blame for the ills of our world because of our greed. So we have natural resources problems galore. Our planet is dying and it is our fault. Yes, my friends it is our faults! It was our fault to see that our own governments allowed the destruction of our lands for greed and power, while telling us that they did it for our welfare. We should have stopped them long ago. We should of insisted that they help create free energy devices and other means of life that uses common sense to weigh what would happen before they just allowed it to happen.

Instead, they took in the donations and made back room deals with other corporations who were directly involved with destroying our lives and our world. Because, it meant that they would always be calling the shots. They would have the power to tell us the common folk what needs to be done, cause it is by the way the governments job to know all things. And yes they sure do know a lot more than you might think. Like the fact that life does exist beyond this planet.

Oh yes, you heard me right! They know cause they have met them and in my cases have signed agreements and treaties that give these aliens rights over us with full governmental approval. The research is out there and it is no joke. By that statement I am saying to you, beware of disinformation tactics cause they are designed to hide the truth. And our governments are experts at disinformation. If they are not, they do not last very long and are often replaced by another government who is.

Now you might be saying right now, “If these beings from other worlds exist why have we not seen them?” That is a good question, cause most of them do not want you to know that they really exist. Cause if you did, they you would realize that they are really manipulating our governments. And why would we make this statement? Cause who can believe that aliens from another world would come down here, meet with our governments in secret, exchange signed documents and other technology and do all of this with all our good will at heart. And our governments the all wise that they think they are fell for it. Oh yeah, I assure you they have seen the light of the situation for some time now, but not after they signed on the dotted line. Greed usually has a tendency to do just that, blind ones eyes of the reality of a situation until after you find out that you were really screwed in the pouch.

Sure our governments got all of this great technology some of which society has benefited by and some of which created great weapons of destruction so that when we wage war with each other we can sure guarantee that lots of death is the result. Not to mention more destruction of our world. But some of the technology did not work either and so we had to back engineer to find ways to make it work. Some of this engineering we accomplished and some we did not. Bottom line, they would never give us technology and such that would come close to being equal to their capabilities. Cause then that would make us their equals. And there our friends lie the heart of the problem.

The extraterrestrail's that we signed the agreement with have only self-interest in themselves and so why would they seem to care for us. They gave us technology so that we could create things to destroy us basically. They did not give us technology to save our lives. Why they did not even have to sign any agreements or treaties with us except that they wanted to play by the rules of the game masters, those other ET’s who lay claim to our world. And they also gave made sure that our paranoia remained high regarding ourselves and that is why they showed us how to watch over ourselves and create the reality of Big Brother who watches over us all.

Our world control goes like this. On the bottom are the controlled, you and I. The government that we are all supposed to be involved with whether a democracy or dictatorship controls us. The Shadow Government however controls them, those who have the assignment of working with the Old World families that consider themselves the royalty of our world. The Shadow Government also works hand in hand with the ET influence too. But who is in ultimate control? The old families or the ET’s? Should I even have to tell you? Those who have the control has the technology to whatever they please, whenever they please. All others are living a pipe dream and are traitors to our world.

Now we are not going to leave you with out a silver lining and a glimmer of hope. Yes there are those beings from other worlds that are also here who do want to help us. But they are not going to just going to jump in and say here we are and take care of the problem for us. That is right, we all must get involved. They too have kept themselves hidden from us. But they will reveal themselves if we would only ask. They offered our governments, but since they did not come bearing gifts of destruction and domination they were turned away. It is not their way to just push on in and take control. That as we should all know is not civilized. So what is it going to take to get them to come down here and let us all know that they care to help.

First off by us realizing that we are not alone in the universe and to see that a lot of what we take for granted is just not our true reality. We have allowed others to tell us how to live our lives and we have given up most of our power to them at all levels. This grab of power was by design, so do not beat yourself up over it too much, but recognize that we did put ourselves in the situation to start with. But you see we can take it all back just by joining together and saying enough! That is right our friends, by joining together we can make things change. Are you up for it?

The real power lies in the masses of people on the planet that place their thoughts and actions in a common direction. Government must respond or show themselves to be what they truly are. Besides, they are people too. And what of the Shadow Government? If they can not control the government then their power is lost and they will bolt for fear of being sought out and dealt with. That is right, if the people speak and change becomes reality, the corporations will fall and the control will crumble. And what of the ET’s that want to control us, they will have to come out in the open or leave, cause once the control of our minds is busted, they have no more control. And yes, those ET’s that are kind to us will be there to make sure that these other self-serving ET’s do not use their technology against us to take us by force.

So you ask how we get this going. By believing in what our eyes really see is the reality of our lives. By understanding that we are not alone and that GOD or whatever you want to call it would not create only us as it and allow such rampant out of control life to exist without intervention. And since no intervention has occurred and it looks like our world is sure out of control then what do we do about it. Place out trust in those who look out for self and have played a great game of illusion over us. Hey just for laughs, why not join to together and say to the cosmos, “If the reality of good beings form other worlds exist, then we invite you to show yourselves to us and come down to meet us.” We have been told that if at least 10% of the world population would ask this, then the reality of it would happen. Let’s not wait for some type of tragedy to happen here when we could see if they are really real. Because we could tell you this, our friends, if they are real, then by showing themselves to us will change the reality of this world in a big hurry.

Let’s stop playing the game. Why must we pay to live on a planet that we were born on in the first place? The manner in which we live down through the ages is not by our own design and we must see this. For its design is only self-serving and most of us it is not serving us anything but grief. Others benefit cause they claim the right to benefit. They got there not by the love in their hearts for their fellow man, but rather for the love of greed and the power over others. They have done it for a long, long time my friends. It does not have to be this way and never did have to be this way. You were told if not forced to thinking otherwise. What harm would there be in aiming for change? It sure would not be any worse than what we have right now.

Let’s take some risks in our lives. Each of us deserves the right of true Freedom to live without being told what to do by those who would claim the right of authority over us, even if we gave it to them or not. Let’s change the game and that will change the world. WE DESERVE BETTER!

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    • kevin
    • September 13, 2014

    I have only watched a few of your videos but felt compelled to say hi and let you know that i get very strong and wonderful feelings in my heart when i observe your videos.Im gonna keep watching. Thank MrCollier. I hope your getting paid by the hour and aid by the power.haha.

    • Alan
    • July 6, 2014

    What a brave and smart man you are Alex.It is a shame that others would have the nerve to call you a hoaxter. well, the fact is that the joke is on the debunkers and disbeleiving crowd, who aren’t smart enough to know they are stupid.I have been doing extraterrestrial studies for many years now,but I am relatively new to your particular case. I know by now you are telling the truth and need to catch up on your many writings and lectures. Hang in there as best you can Alex as things will get better. Peace

    • Sala
    • June 12, 2013

    Thank you for Truth .

    • Jan Stransky
    • December 10, 2012

    Hello Mr. Alex,
    I came across your name just in some random search and…voila.
    I would like to ask you one question.
    (It is a very interresting story, you are telling here)
    How do you know that all happend like you said?
    How can you be sure that it is all true?
    Well two.
    I´m looking for more from you.
    Very interresting.
    You can´t win Mr. Alex, but you have my sympathies.
    Best regards
    Jan Starnsky

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