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Alex Collier Interview Webinar #1 – With Brad Olsen – Friday, April 12, 2024! – VOD

Unlock the Secrets of Our Past & Present in “Unveiling History: Ancient Mysteries & Modern Conspiracies”

Dive into the enigmatic realms of ancient civilizations and modern-day conspiracies with the captivating webinar replay, “Unveiling History: Ancient Mysteries & Modern Conspiracies”. Recorded on April 12, 2024, this groundbreaking interview features renowned Andromedan extraterrestrial contactee Alex Collier and esteemed esoteric author Brad Olsen, exploring the shadowy depths of our planet's history and the obscured corridors of current affairs.

About the Webinar Replay: This two-hour and 42-minute session is the first in a brand-new series of monthly webinars where Alex Collier will sit down with celebrated authors, speakers, and insiders from the fields of exopolitics, planetary history, deep geopolitics, and esoteric knowledge. Each month, Alex will unveil a new layer of truth in a live interview format, discussing fascinating topics and revealing the latest developments from around our world, the solar system, and beyond.

In this Premier Episode, Explore:

  • The Megaliths of Southern Siberia: Journey to the icy landscapes where towering megaliths suggest advanced ancient civilizations and possible extraterrestrial connections.
  • Giants and Elongated Skulls: Uncover the truth behind suppressed discoveries of giant human remains and elongated skulls which challenge our historical understanding.
  • Underwater Ruins and Antarctica's Secrets: Delve into the mysteries of submerged archaeological sites and explore the notion of advanced prehistoric cultures in Antarctica.
  • Modern Conspiracies and Hidden Technologies: From the secretive NORAD base to Tesla’s lost inventions, unravel the modern myths and the elite’s manipulation of technological advancements.
  • Interactivity and Community Insights: Engage with like-minded individuals, ask probing questions, and participate in a global discussion that seeks to uncover hidden truths.

Purchase Details: For just $6.99, gain indefinite access to this profound discussion, allowing you to revisit and explore the complex topics discussed at your convenience. Your purchase not only enriches your understanding of the universe but also supports Alex Collier in his continued efforts to bring forth knowledge and wisdom about our world and beyond.

About the Speakers:

  • Brad Olsen is an award-winning author and publisher, known for his comprehensive travel guide “Sacred Places North America”, which received the Bay Area Travel Writers top gold prize in 2010. A familiar face on the History Channel's “Ancient Aliens” and a frequent guest on “Coast to Coast AM”, Brad continues to captivate audiences with his insights into ancient mysteries and esoteric knowledge. Learn more about Brad at Brad Olsen's Website.
  • Alex Collier has long been admired for his dedication to uncovering truths hidden from the mainstream narrative. Known for his intimate contact experiences with Andromedan extraterrestrials, Alex offers unique perspectives on galactic history, Earth's transformation, and the evolution of human consciousness. Discover more about Alex at Alex Collier's Official Website.

Embrace the opportunity to expand your perspective, challenge your perceptions, and uncover the realities that weave through the fabric of our history and hint at the possibilities of our future. Join Alex Collier and Brad Olsen as they explore these mysteries and more in “Unveiling History: Ancient Mysteries & Modern Conspiracies”.



Every story has a piece of the truth. Let's discover it together.

Funds from this webinar replay will help continue Alex Collier’s mission to enlighten and educate our world through his ongoing research and discussions.

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Whispers Of The Past – Global Wings Conference – 2002

Alex Collier at the August 2002 Global Wings Conference in Denver, Colorado, USA. His talk was entitled ‘Whispers Of The Past.' It was one of the last appearances he had before his retirement that lasted five years, due among other things to the threats he received.

Some of the themes that Alex Collier develops are the following: The current version of Earth History versus the Andromedan version of Galactic History; The importance of caring for ecosystems; The conflicts between the two great orders of organic life; The components of human genetics; Extraterrestrial colonies; Wormholes; Motherships; Edenes; Prejudices; Tradition of communication between the races; Lemuria and Atlantis; The Ciakar; The Greys; Wars of Coercion; Phobos and Deimos; Dolphins and Whales; Council of Andromeda; The Andromedans; Zenetaens; Ascension; The Dogons and their relationship with Sirius B; Shape-shifting; Royalty and lineages; Walk-ins; Illuminati; Planet X; Nibiru; and the recognition of regressive, benevolent and hybrid beings by extraterrestrial races. The information is vital for understanding the historical intervention by extraterrestrials.

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The Andromedan Perspective on Galactic History – Secret Earth History – 2002

This presentation was held in 2002 about the Andromedan Perspective on Galactic History. The presentation is also called ‘Secret Earth History.' Alex Collier has been in contact with an ancient alien race. They are called the Andromedans from the constellation of Andromeda. He has had regular contact since he was eight years old. These Extraterrestrials are human-looking but are very highly advanced. We are the Genetic Ancestors of many Galactic Human Races. We were originally created as a slave race by an ancient Reptilian race called the Annunaki in order to mine Monatomic Gold in order to extend their lifespan. Galactic Human D.N.A was genetically spliced with the Earths Hominids producing Homo Sapiens. Alex Collier outlines the true history of Planet Earth and describes the various alien races including the Greys from Zeta Reticula 2 (Dows). He also describes the past Ecological disasters which have regularly reduced mankind to starting from scratch. He also explains that the Universe is a Multiverse made up of many Planar levels. At present we are on the bottom floor but are due to move higher in frequency onto the next plane of existence in 2013. These levels were created by God the Creator using Science and have a logical system of evolution and progression. Many races have gone through this evolution in the past. Investigations conducted by the Chief Editor of the Exopolitics Journal point to the credibility of Alex Collier as someone who has physically interacted with extraterrestrials.

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