The Adventures of Captain Denar

Alex Collier has asked me to remove the letter relating to the film “The Adventures of Captain Denar”.

Dear James,   I have heard that a private letter that Audra had drafted, and sent to
a few people that was a private correspondence was posted on your site. This letter
was not to be posted anywhere, as was stated in that same letter. Could you please
remove this letter and make sure that its not posted again on the site. I would
really be grateful. I will send you an update next week. 

Sincerely,  Alex Collier

I will post the update if he sends it next week.


James Harkin
On behalf of

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    • Velassar
    • March 16, 2014

    @Luis Macias: No, they’re not lies; the timing that some people mentioned were wrong. My advice? Monitor the Earth changes. There will be an extremely unprecedented Earth Change event that would happen prior to the Earth’s final transformation process to shift dimensions. That info is based from many contactees’ info, including Tolec(though he was wrong on the dates, like Jan 2014). Last year I had a dream of a 9.9 mag quake. Perhaps that is the Earth Change event that would mark the final birthing process of Earth’s higher density form? Who knows.

    On the other hand, I have also discussed with someone at a forum who has his own contacts with ETs that stated that the Earth would shift dimension in early 2016, but First Contact would happen sometime this year in the first half of this year(until June 2014) because there must be a process of 12-18 months of relocations and briefings to the people of Earth due to Earth Changes that would render many places uninhabitable. That guy told people in that forum that a many people would be relocated to safe areas and be given the tools and technology including clean and non-polluting free energy devices to start over during the period of Extreme Earth Changes. He said that would start to happen sometime this year, and by early 2015, the final phase would begin.

      • Luis Macías Casas
      • March 16, 2014

      Thanks Velassar and Julian for everything, we just have to wait, ^^!

    • Luis Macías Casas
    • March 16, 2014

    Then… all this talk’bout the 4th & and 5th dimnension transformation ARE SIMPLY LIES???

    • Julian
    • March 15, 2014


    Well the waiting is over.

    Personally I have three main reactions. Please forgive me for presumptuously going on at length.

    1) Courtney Brown’s “announcement” is manipulative and self serving. It may be oriented (in a general way) towards something beneficial. It may be accurate in describing events around the construction of the Gaza pyramid, ET involvement and current process by which human beings living today can understand the true nature of “disclosure” (ie opening your own perceptions) and begin to awaken. All that is good. However with all it’s background music, hype and barely concealed commercialism it could also be fairly critiqued as a pitch for the Far Sight Institute. That isn’t necessarily bad but the way Courtney conflates this self serving agenda with an atmosphere of hype and scientific gobbly gook is premature, and sets the stage for debunking on several grounds. While he tries to inoculate the listening audience against this his own lack of due diligence with regards to issues raised ensures that the debunkers will take him down and cloud the issues unnecessarily. My critique follows.

    2) While he babbles on incessantly about how scientific the whole thing is there is a huge omission in describing the process and methodology. Specifically by what means were the two much ballyhooed remote viewers directed towards selecting their targets? Were they given geographical coordinates, a time in history, or simply told to address some undefined target that had been selected by the Far Sight Institute? If the first two were used it’s a dead give away for the pyramids so we don’t even have to go there. If the third option was used what was the mind set or expectation of whoever set the “target” about what they would find? So if Courtney Brown set the target as the Gaza pyramids with the underlying suspicion based on rational deduction that ET’s were involved, doesn’t this create (pre select) a probable reality from the universe of possible past time lines for examination by these remote viewers?

    If the remote viewers are guided by the intention of the target selector, where is the control over the mind set of the target selector? This is important and merges in a practical sense with the next point below.

    3) Courtney Brown acknowledges that there are multiple realities and time lines yet fails to full acknowledge the implications of this in practical terms despite the past experience along these lines with the near miss asteroid last spring. For those who remember, the Far Sight Institute published broad ranging “exciting”, “impeccably scientific”, and dramatic data suggesting that an asteriod impact and subsequent coastal event swamped many of the major population centers around the world. (

    Instead we got an asteroid fly by and an announcement by Courtney Brown that statistically this event fulfilled the underlying conditions predicted by his team and that further development of “coastal inundation” were “off”.

    So how are we to understand this change? At best future timelines are remarkably flexible and subject to change. Simply add in the touch of another probability (in the past study this was contact with ET’s which changed the outcome slightly) At worst his methodology is so flawed that no reasonable conclusion can be drawn from it.

    Therefore my biggest beef with this presentation is that despite having a good faith basis to present the qualifications and limitations (outlined above) in connection with the work of these two remote viewers he has chosen to commercialize their results and engage in a promotional campaign that would obviously lead to debunking and disappointment on a grand level. For that I say shame on Courtney Brown. He could have offered up his results as interesting and asked for others to follow up with validation studies. Instead he moves the whole process towards the aggrandizement of the Far Sight Institute.

    So Velassar, here’s another installation of the same message. If we wait for another external time line (and I have done my share of that) we will experience one disappointment after another. If we let of these timelines and our ourselves to inner discovery our paths will be productive and beneficial. Hang it there guy, when the real story comes out we won’t be depending on this type of silliness any longer.

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