Alex Collier – More Interview Transcripts & Audio Transcript Videos

I have been contacted by Tantarum, who is most definitely a supporter of of Alex Collier and he has decided to turn all of the Letters from Andromeda and other articles into Audio Transcript Videos. I have added them to the all pages in the articles section.

Alex Collier

Alex Collier

Also, I have added FOUR more transcripts:

Alex Collier – Andromeda Central

Alex Collier – Galactic History According To Alex Collier And The Andromedans

Alex Collier On The Next Dimension – 1998

Alex Collier – Interview With Paola Harris – 2000

Each one is a transcript and also includes an audio video for those who would like to listen to the computer voice.

I have also added the transcripts to the following videos:

Alex Collier – History of the Galaxy – 2002

Alex Collier – Earth Transformation Conference – 2010

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233 Responses to “Alex Collier – More Interview Transcripts & Audio Transcript Videos”

  1. Openyour3rdeye says:

    Free energy. Pyramids true reason of being built. Your welcome!

  2. john oakley says:

    Hello DV..i have a question regarding a dilemma I was hoping you were able and willing to navigate through with me..! [email protected]

  3. sam says:

    Is alex going to do an interview soon?

  4. Awakened says:

    Yeah things have escalating, I am seeing 1111 alot more now. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night, the ringing in my ear was so intense that I couldt hear a thing. For the past 3 night I am hearing loud booms in the sky. Something great is about the corner.

  5. Just took a very short nap while wide awake, next thing, my dad needed help on something outside, and I had 2 scratches looks like just happened very recently, I didnt remember that being there nor my dad too.

    I can feel the 2 scratches now, it wasnt like this before, 10:46 AM EST

    On one line, looks like a wavy line, and a lil next to it, a parentheses symbol.

    Can someone tell me, What the hell is going on here, Someone in here knows whats happening to me, I am sure of it, please if you do, email me through youtube, thank you.

  6. Another Update here and broke another record on ufo sighting time, This time @ 8:40+AM EST.

    The usual Orange/yellowish looking sphere far into the distance, into the trees, I saw this right after I got off work early, I looked at it for sometime to make sure it was indeed a ufo, I moved to a lil bit to the left to where the sighting was not visible or somewhat visible to challenge it to see if this object will move, and of course, it did, I looked at it for a bit longer, yup, its moving alright, defint a ufo.

    Jeez, someone or some group,etc is on me, 24/7 Extreme surveillance Mode, Why they are all looking and observing me 24/7 is beyond me, and thats what I want to know, I aint no better then anyone else.

    If anyone knows why, please I want to know, now this is the first time I ever had a morning sighting.

    Sightings, fars in amounts wise, is getting worse and worse and worse overtime, Why they are all looking at me, I dont know, I want to know, I have the need to know, so if anyone knows or have contact within that group is monitoring me, please share, I would like to know, thank you.

    • Yes My Innate abilities are now emerging, psychic abilities are coming back, more manifested thoughts,etc, but that still doesnt make me better then anyone else, absolutely not.

      Yes my whole body is changing, Frequency,energy,everything.

      But still, Why me, I know they must be rotating around different crew members to watch me without sleep jeez, are they really that bored to death or is there something Absolutely significantly important that I hold??

      If anyone knows or within the monitor group, email me through the tube, I have no known enemies, I prefer to stay absolutely neutral, help others when need be but I do not interfere with other peoples bologna because of conflicts,karma,etc.

      But If I see someone really needs my help and I am there, I will intervene, no exceptions.

      • john oakley says:

        Hello name is john and I have a question/dilemna I was hoping you would be willing and able to navigate through with me ! hope all is well !

  7. Anna says:

    Why is there a pyramid in Area 51?

    Coordinates: 37° 5’45.66″N 116° 5’35.77″W

    And what is this?

    37 37’40.07″N 116 50’54.57″W

    Google Earth.

  8. Awakened says:

    Last night I had a weird dream, one guy did’t see his face showing me pics of reptilians, I clearly remember the last one. It was five reptilians in uniform, looking very different than each other. When I went outside, I saw some streaks of light moving really really fast.

    I might be in my head only, but it was weird

  9. They are watching you too as well.


  10. Some visions/dreams could very well be implanted from an et for you, so what you saw in your dreams/visions is not what you originally thought that I pulled the dream off on my own, actually its the other way around, not all of them are pulled off by our sub-consciousness, rather someone whos watching us, the et’s.

    • Awakened says:

      I never had flashes in my deep sleep, I had when I am awake and see it in my peripheral vision. I am a hindu

    • Awakened says:

      sometimes i also see stars and orbs of light but disappear right in front of my eyes when i am out of the gym

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