Alex Collier – More Interview Transcripts & Audio Transcript Videos

I have been contacted by Tantarum, who is most definitely a supporter of of Alex Collier and he has decided to turn all of the Letters from Andromeda and other articles into Audio Transcript Videos. I have added them to the all pages in the articles section.

Alex Collier
Alex Collier

Also, I have added FOUR more transcripts:

Alex Collier – Andromeda Central

Alex Collier – Galactic History According To Alex Collier And The Andromedans

Alex Collier On The Next Dimension – 1998

Alex Collier – Interview With Paola Harris – 2000

Each one is a transcript and also includes an audio video for those who would like to listen to the computer voice.

I have also added the transcripts to the following videos:

Alex Collier – History of the Galaxy – 2002

Alex Collier – Earth Transformation Conference – 2010

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    • Awakened
    • July 21, 2013

    Has anyone experiencing light flashes, sparkles in their peripheral vision.
    Also I keep seeing 11:11,1:11,10:10. Does anyone know the meaning

    1. Reply

      Someone emailed me on youtube stating that if you starting to see white flashes while you are in deep sleep, I cant remember what this utuber said to me, but if you get white flashes, the aliens are trying you to prevent from getting into higher consciousness level while in deep sleep or something like that, I can not provide proof on this however I have gotten the white flashes even while wide awake, I can see flashes.

      Dont buy anything on face value my friend, probably someone is doing this to you to buy into something, I am not saying it is malevolent, just saying be very extra careful.

    2. Reply

      are you christian? Its probably correlating something with the bible? Ever checked that out as well?

      • Anna
      • July 25, 2013

      Awakened. I have all the
      repetitive numbers looked up. 11:11 is to get your attention. Keep your mind focused on the positive, avoid negative. It’s sort of like a ‘hello, we’re watching.”

  1. Reply

    Just like Dolores Cannon said, This is the greatest show on earth and the entire universe’s are watching to see can we pull it off and make it to the new dimensional earth.

    So I guess All the sightings I am getting like flies on shit, All the et’s got their front row seats and going to be watching/analyzing/monitor me everything that I do, They are all watching and very curious on whats going to happen and they are all here, the gods/goddess that ancient spoke of, the are all back, they are no better then us, just on a different evolutionary scale, thats all, no reason to fear any et’s at all, they aint no better/bigger then you.

    Its showtime on earth, all the et’s races got their front row seats, MAN we all have to see whats going to happen after people wake up and finally realize that everything they been taught from the get go, everything what they believe to be real in this materialistic world, is all B-U-N-K…

    Greatest time for any soul to be here is right now, old paradigm is collapsing, since its no good and full of b.s., a new one that will work for everyone is emerging.

    Stick around guys, This is far from being over, absolutely seen nothing yet.

  2. Reply

    Just went outside very recently, at around 9:47-9:50 pm est, I saw, a huge craft, some of the lights were going off and on, I only got a glimpse of it for like 30 seconds or so, I looked somewhere else for like a couple seconds, then I checked back, this craft was long gone.

    I dont know if its a smaller mothership type craft, I dont know if it was close by or not, from what I can tell, it was very close by, If that was far in the distance, this object is extremely huge, but fars I can tell, It seems close by, prettie good sized craft, other sightings appears as well, all over the skies from all angles, including unusual sightings or something on ground level that I can not explain, yes I challenged the one on ground level, I moved a bit to see if the sighting will move, and yes it moved to get my attn, this was on ground level, far into the trees.

    Sightings all over the place, but that craft that was close by, possibly a smaller mothership, really got my attention.

    This was around 9:47-9:pm est, today.

  3. Reply

    I have a suspicion that there’s really no ET race on our side. They’re all interfering, and if they don’t know right from wrong, let me clear that up–it’s wrong. Just from typing a few phrases here tonight I’m currently being visited. Something touched the back of my head and now it feels like I’m wearing something a couple pounds on my head. WTF? The illegal implants in my head were ringing loudly just a few seconds ago, and now that I’m typing this, it’s stopped. Just stay away from us, lawless idiots! You have no right.

    1. Reply

      I think it was either my sister or niece felt a smack right behind her head at one time.

      All of this stuff we are going through is for our growth, learn from it, and continue on.

      Remember there are et’s that looks like us and they could be walking anywhere.

      Yes I do believe there is help here, I can not say all bad, if that were the case, the world as we know it would be in much much terrible condition that it is.

      Maurizio Cavallo went through some hell with some of theses et’s but it was for a reason, it was for his spiritual growth and to tell everyone to everyone to start expanding our consciousness or our world will end as we know it.

      There is a reason to everything.

    2. Reply

      more and more overtime, the world and humanity along with it is becoming more and more vulnerable.

      Humanity needs to be shaken extremely, I mean Absolutely Extremely hard to get woke up.

      So I guess the et’s are doing this to wake us up extremely hard, what else is going to do it at this point?? Other then the weather? Nothing at this point.

    3. Reply

      Remember our world(our very own consciousness) must end as we know it now in order to change 360.

      And I think some et’s are doing this for our own good,
      Our own materialistic consciousness as we know it must end in order for us to spiritual grow and to be with the cosmos and to be with the much greater galactic family, I think alot of the darkness I went through, I did it on my own, some I think were done by et’s, but it was only for my growth, and yes My world has ended as I know it several years ago.

      So I am very greatful for this absolute darkness, and even still I am still heading down that path again, I am trying to get out of it but looks like I am stuck and I hope not forever.

      Wisdom never helps, Look at our history, Extremely good track record when people dont listen.

      We learn through experience.

      “Experience is the oracle of truth; and where its responses are unequivocal, they ought to be conclusive and sacred.”

      -Alexander Hamiliton

  4. Reply

    And I wanted to say to everyone including all benevolent et’s thats helping on this planet now and outskirts of this planet, I am very sorrie the path I have chosen, I have Went to the dark side, I chosen this path because I wanted to help or save some lives in the coming future, infact it was nothing but that, now I am basically a walking dead person, always completely exhausted for no apparent reason, A message to everyone, DO NOT take the same path I have chosen, please only follow only unconditional love to everyone including the planet, try to help others at all times,etc.

    Sorrie what I am saying eariler is old news but just wanted to make a clear warning to everyone, dont take the path I have went down, you dont know what the dark abyss is until you have experienced it.

    Stay away from fear, do NOT buy into fear under any circumstances, try not to watch the news all the time, taking the energy away from you.

    I may not make it in this bodies condition, I have survived the worse their is, so I hope there is nothing to worry about but to go on like this, I dont know, basically the only thing keeping me alive is Will, otherwise I would have been dead long time ago.
    – See more at:

  5. Reply

    And just to let everyone know, I have seen 3 greys several years ago.

    Maybe all of this sightings, My energy is attracting to them.

    Sometimes My anger is scorching high, mainly when I work out and my exhaustion goes to 0%, my anger fuels my body so I dont have my exhaustion rate going down, then my tremendous will power kicks in, no matter my exhaustion rate, my will continues.

    My lust is extremely high, lust as in porn sites, ladies,etc, yes I do admit I have a very serious problem, no never towards another human being though.

    1. Reply

      Yes I am brutally ILL, sometimes even right before working out, I am already on my hand and knees on the ground, sometimes I am on the ground on my back completely exhausted with no workout whatsoever, the thing driving me to stand up is my will and yes there is alot of anger involved in this but mainly will power.

  6. Reply

    Someone I dont usually see at our gym here around our area, some women knows about my channel, she has visited my old channel but not my new 6th account one.

    Right before I was going to head into the gym’s shower room, I told the women, can I see you for like 5-10 seconds, extremely important, shes all busy talking to someone and looking at some tv, then I went up upstairs, didnt take a shower, grab my stuff, went down stairs, drank some after workout stuff, organizing my gym bag for a bit, all the sudden she just went by me without saying anything, would be nice if she asked me what was you going to show me, but soon as I got out the gym, she drove away, not very good.

    I wanted to show my proof that we are not alone in this world and wanted her as my valuable witness, but I guess some othertime, skip my shower for this important thing then all the sudden she just walks behind me says nothing, not very good, this is proof I aint doing a good job.

    But I’ll ask here again when I see her next time, would have been nice to ask me what was you going to show me now, I only wanted 5-10 seconds of her time.

    Oh well, maybe some other time.

    I have shown other people in the gym, so I guess thats good enough for now, yup it sucks prettie bad, lol.

    • Awakened
    • July 16, 2013
  7. Reply

    Alex Collier’s: Greys Agenda is now live.

    Please go to my channel by simply clicking on my DimensionalVortex Name, more uploads will be comming.

  8. Reply

    Check out Nostradamus effect: Leonardo Da Vinci

    its about 45 mins long I think…

    What this man has seen is basically the same situation I have seen, check it out one time.

    1. Reply

      Go to this link everyone:

      Watch all 3 parts.

    • Awakened
    • July 15, 2013

    It is funny how many people are waiting for an event to happen. We are so much focused on future that there is no peace left in the present. As a human we look for everything outside, but if we sit with our self we will know that all the answers is within

    1. Reply

      Thats what I been trying to tell people all this time, they keep laughing at me, look at the blood thats running the entire world now, are they laughing now? Thats what I thought.

      I tried to warn the entire world to change our consciousness or suffer the deadly consequences, I guess I have failed my mission but there is still some hope left.

      “You can travel millions of Kilometers into space but do not know what is happening just a few miles beneath you as well as prefer to look to the outside of yourself instead of looking scrutinize shepherds.”

      -Maurizio Cavallo

    2. Reply

      I am also aware of dream warfare where some et’s can manipulate your dreams to seem where its very real such as floods,etc but I had many of theses dreams, So I dont know for sure if et’s implanted within me to see theses visions or I pulled it myself from my sub-conscious.

      I think all the Very very Extreme Tidal waves/tsunamis/Flood visions/dreams is now telling me its a warning sign to humanity to change our consciousness quickly and start respecting our home earth or else.

      Was this a warning for things to come if we continue to treat everything including our mother earth like shit?? I am moving to that answer to a yes, Leonardo Da Vinci is seeing the same exact things I have seen, was he giving us also a warning if we continue what we are doing now, signs of earth doing its thing? I believe so.

      We are not changing quickly enough as a race, Like I said give at least 3-5 to 10 year TOPS, if we dont change our consciousness quickly, the earth is going to do it in one sweep with no exceptions needed, in order to save herself since we all dont give a damn about her anyway’s, we are not looking after our home, how in the world we can go up in space in this condition, absolutely will not be tolerated.

      1. I am one with nature this time, I will not be alone any longer, anyone who’s against it, your going against me, end of story.

        We will not allow anyone to destroy the earth and affect other planets that we have no clue about that may contain life.

        If we destroy this world, it will send disruptions throughout the solar-system, throughout the galaxy, effect other dimensions/realities that we can not see, it will not be allowed, thats the only time when you will see direct intervention during the development of earth, thats when they will intervene and yes the are watching everything, and yes including me.

      • Mordar
      • July 16, 2013

      @Awakened: This world can not be changed from the inside, it can only be changed from the outside…..The only we this planet would be a better place will be for those whose consciousness are not ready to know the truth and experience the higher dimensions to be removed from this planet….like now…..There are just too many sleeping sheeple on this planet that it would take a major event to wake them up…

        • Awakened
        • July 16, 2013

        @ Mordor:- I have done my research,and everyone is saying that the change will radical not incremental. That does’t mean we should destroy our peace.
        Everything you see outside is in fact the manifestation of our own consciousness. If everyone on this planet becomes good from inside, our outer world will change. Trees,plants, animals will become more beautiful, less diseases, and more vitality


    • Mordar
    • July 15, 2013

    Hello guys, I would like it if any of you with connections ask the people up above when the major events will start happening……..since Tolec stated that those wanting to remain 3D would be departing for another 3D planet this August, I would like to have some advance information on when that would happen. Thanks.

    • Gurtej Singh
    • July 14, 2013

    In these storms of intrigue,
    in these winds of conspiracies,
    the hallowed earth of the gods has been bloodied.
    We hear no more the sacred call of the conch,
    and no more the call to the faithful.
    Alas, my land is cursed.
    the gaze of the heavens has fixed upon my land
    Why are these people fleeing? Why are these homes burning?
    Who spilt fire on these tender fields of grass?
    A desperate longing for life is written on each corpse.
    This is a battle for power
    a war between politicians.
    a war of thrones
    The blood of innocents is the color used to
    draw borders between our hearts

    1. Reply

      You all aint see nothing yet, NOTHING!

  9. Reply

    Just got a message from Tolec on the tube:

    MaelstromExceptions. Regarding: “tons and tons of sightings”.

    I don’t understand what the issue is.

    Earth is being watched & monitored by lots & lots of civilizations. I’ve heard that right now the number is about 500 civilizations from various star systems.


    You are having lots of sightings of “UFOs”… whoever is flying those crafts… be they extraterrestrial or Earth based. You’re seeing them. So?

    I don’t get what the big deal is.

    Andromeda Council
    Sent to: MaelstromExceptions

    I guess he doesnt understand the main question, the question is why is all of this 24/7 closely monitored sightings focusing on me like flies on shit no matter where I go or wherever I might be??? The question to all of this is WHY?? Can anyone respond to this question, What is it that they are watching me for and why?

    I do understand about the metagene factor, some races are very interested in this, I might have triggered this couple years ago, but come on now, Whats up with all of theses sightings?? Can anyone elaborate please.

    1. Reply

      Got another email from tolec:


      Your information… your observations are accurate & important enough. But I believe you are looking at this issue from the ‘wrong’ [for lack of a better word] – perspective.

      You see…..

      You are unique….

      more unique that most….

      more like myself & a few others of us who are perceiving things, hearing things, feeling things, seeing things….. that others do not;

      Because it is highly likely that you, rather your spirit essence & energy pattern, are already to some degree, vibrating at a higher faster frequency/rate…


      where other people who are NOT vibrating at the frequency you are at… they do not see them.

      In my humble opinion, this matter is this simple. It just is what it is. No more. No less.

      take care,

      Wodakote, peace.

      Andromeda Council

      1. I have already shown some sightings to some people at the gym I go to as my witness.

  10. Reply

    I am also to believe that I think the ones who’s following me around my area is human looking et’s, wouldnt tell a difference.

    I have great suspicion’s that some of theses people who’s watching me on ground level is et’s but nothing is solid so I can comment any further about it but I have my suspicion’s.

    As time passes by more and more, more and more unusual stuff is happening, and its happening at a very high frequency rate, in other words, its happening alot more often.

      • Anna
      • July 14, 2013

      you’re locked, I can’t ’email you’ unless you add me as a contact.

      1. whats your youtube user name please??

        • Anna
        • July 14, 2013

        Cheryl Bowles. Name is a long Story.

      2. Ok, I looked up that name and I came up a site, but I got your contact notification, and it has your name with numbers after that, which you did not include in your past post.

    • Anna
    • July 14, 2013

    @ Dimensional Vortex: Is there any further information on the Guardians?

    1. Reply

      No, I tried to ask him about more about this and he will not continue, all he did say that he believes there are very few of them left and he also believes that 50% are on this planet now and they are here to prevent something, something very very big, I asked him something like the super soliders that duncan O’finoian talks about, he said no, he said, it will make that look like a party, this is something extremely huge, it has to do with absolute true power of inner human/using it in a certain manner, he says it will make the super soliders looks completely weak if you had to compare the two, all he did say that what your seeing now is absolutely nothing yet, meaning there will be alot more stuff coming down and this is absolutely nothing.

      The Guardians, according to this gentlemen told me, they are the oldest souls in existence of all universes, its the very first souls created by the Source/God if you will/Infinite consciousness energy/or how ever you want to describe it.

      Also I asked him about the weapon that was using in atlantis, the anti-matter weapon, capable of disintegrating not only the physical body but your soul as well, this weapon is also on tantarum youtube website, the lya contact with the prof, its the 4+ hour video that he has up.

      This person claims that there are stuff in the universe that will make this weapon look like crap if you compare the two.

      I asked him and pressed on about the corruption/virus about the souls.

      He said generally the newer souls wont be affected cause they are much newer souls, he said the older ones like the guardians can be affected and once they are affected, everything from all previous life time knowledge, and also your soul itself, will go into oblivion, in other words, gone forever.

      I asked him, is it something thats done to itself or someone does it to you, he says its something thats done to you, not itself.

      I keep pressing more and more about this and he said its best for me or anyone other then the guardians themselves not to know, for my safety as well as others.

      He says the Guardians will go against any form of -, even if the odds are like 1 trillion to 1.

      I ask him something similar to the movie 300??? And he also believe there maybe be one or more real guardian souls in that actual incident of 300, but he says its something far worse then that.

      They are here to go against the absolute worst – you can ever imagine, even if the odds are like 1 trillion to 1, they will still go up against it.

      He says, some guardians are like warrior types, some are here to share wisdom,etc.

      He told he, once stuff comes down, hes here for action.

      He doesnt know exactly whats coming down but he feels there might be something big coming down, and he also sees alot of very interesting wave of energy if you take a look at all the previous weather pattern changes.

      1. Continued about the corruption/virus on the old old souls:

        I asked him can it be corrupted by to much accumulation of Karma and or anything with kundalini,etc
        And he said to all of them, N.O.

        This is something totally different.

        • Anna
        • July 14, 2013

        Curious, I’d love to chat more. is there a way to reach you privately?

      2. Sure but I am completely lonely, I really dont have anyone, I am better off that way, no conflicts, I have trouble watching out for myself, this kundalini or whatever you call it is very very strong, I am basically living off my will, I believe my body is basically dead but my will continues. I just want to do what I was assigned to do, learn from my past mistakes and take the knowledge/wisdom gained to my home star system where I was once before and pass it along or to become a teacher to other civilzation, or better yet, take a huge vacation with the source, from there who knows…

        you can email me on youtube if you like, click on my DimensionalVortex name, should link you directly to my website.

        I dont mind dating but I dont want to be stuck on this 3rd density earth or the earth re-incarnation wheel, hopefully I will be able to graduate soon, but even then I dont know if I will be able to at this point.

        • Anna
        • July 14, 2013

        Actually, brave souls that you all are, I may as well jump in, right?

        I know something of the Guardians as well. What you say is the same as I have been told, so far as there being few left, and a purpose. They are kept hidden, for good reason. Not every ET is nice, and the purpose is one that simply MUST be fulfilled.

        I don’t believe they’d make themselves known, even if they are fully aware of what they are. And Im curious, did the rest of you find wrapping a logical mind around being telepathically linked to an ET as fun and challenging?

        I also believe, DimensioanlVortex, that you have an idea of why you’re being watched and monitored. You have a part to play, a very important part.

      3. Hey Anna, I am lucky to be alive today, Had many many attempts on myself, even know I still do but not as much as before.

        I cant even walk right, seems disabled, Memory loss,
        Cant breathe right, movement is impaired, seems like my whole body wants to shut itself down in complete exhaustion out of nowhere, I am prettie much half-dead.

        But my will Continues to thrives, regardless of my illness, and I am suspecting there are many.

      4. All I can say is my body is transforming into something.

        Feels like a beast wants to come out, it is very strong.

        Feels Like Incredible Hulk or something within those lines, it is very very strong.

      5. I think they are also monitoring me cause of my kundalini awakening, as I have experienced, even know, the absolute worst energy of kundalini.

        I mean it was so bad that my thoughts were amplified like 1m fold, and at that time, my life was bad, and therefore, 99.9% of the manifestation I have experienced, all pure -.

        • Anna
        • July 14, 2013

        hm well, I subscribed and made contact.

  11. Reply

    Feels like 100k years just went by with all of the stuff I am going through.

      • Gurtej Singh
      • July 14, 2013

      I know you are struggle with your day to day life. I am at this point in my life where everything build around me starting to collapse. We just lost joy, taste of life but don’t be discouraged my friend, This is the dismantling of our ego. These heavier emotion have to go . Some changes appear to be bad in the beginning but they are for our personal growth.
      And that feeling is not life long, it will go very soon.

      • Gurtej Singh
      • July 14, 2013

      I don’t know why you develop this negative approach towards people. Until we have love for these people, we will not be motivated to do good. Even if only one percent of the humanity is good. Then you have to make that exception for that one percent,Think everyone round you is that one percent.
      This is one of the most important lesson in my life. Love can change anything. Love is God

      1. ATTN everyone on this site and who else is viewing this site, I just hit a record time of my ufo sighting, this time @ 3:39pm during the day, right after the gym I usually go to, I looked at the same location where I see this sighting, I see it, moved a bit, I moved and challenge to see if it will move again and it did, then it moved and then I couldnt see anymore, I moved to my original position to see if I can see it again and I can not.

        Soon as I got into my car, couple mins later, I looked to the left inbetween some trees in the distance, 2 ufo sightings more, I closely looked at them again, they began to move.

        I dont know whats going on, but someone or somewho or some group is closely monitoring my every action like flies on shit.

    • Mordar
    • July 14, 2013

    Here is the link for the story above from zite that I forgot to include:

    1. Reply

      Mordar, question for you, since no one is answering about this, I already asked several people without a response, whats up with theses major league tons of ufo sightings all over me, whats your take on it?? I just want people perspective, The amout of sightings are getting worse and worse and worse.

        • Mordar
        • July 14, 2013

        Dimensional Vortex, I think they might need to be around you when the major events that are supposed to happen on Earth start happening…….I think they need you for some special mission when the Earth starts her change…..I have a hunch that many Starseeds on Earth would have their past life memories awakened along with some psychic abilities when the major events start happening…….their job is to help awaken the sleeping population on Earth….

    • Mordar
    • July 14, 2013

    Guys, if any of you are doubting whether the shift to 4D/4D would even happen or not by January 2014, I have interesting corroborating story from a guy whose user name is “zite” from this thread of a conspiracy forum……He seems pretty sincere and convincing, and it seems he too has been getting confirmations from his interdimensional contacts about the shift going to happen Dec 2013/Jan 2014……Below is a short excerpt:

    Quoting zite
    “I have maintained contact with these beings, and I asked if they could show me if the Earth was realy going to go to the 4D, and when and how… And they gave me access to these informations. They showed me exatcly what would happened to my friends, to Earth, in details… I have not permissions to explain all details, but one thing brought me to this post. They showed to me that the Earth was going to change dimensions between december 2013 and the mid of January 2014. And thats it. They showed me that something was going to happen in the second semester of 2013, I dont know what… Just something that was very important, and then in december the shift would start, and it would end in January mid. “

      • Gurtej Singh
      • July 14, 2013

      @ Mordor– I have no doubt that we will live in the spiritual age in the future. The energies that are coming to this earth is so great that our mind is not fast enough to deal with it. If you are feeling that the whole world is inside you. We (humanity) are all one and we our travelling in this beautiful spaceship earth, then cong. the energies are affecting you. And you will ascend. If not then no matter how much greater energy will come, if you don’t allow that energy to flow through you. You will not see any difference. And Part of it, is letting go, let your intuition guide you rather than the mind.

      • sam
      • July 15, 2013

      Well i hope he’s right! I hope we all shift from 3d to 4d this year. I remember Alex Collier saying it isn’t guarantee we will shift. Lets see!

  12. Reply

    @ Awakened:

    Stressed out aint the word for it, its called 110% exhaustion, almost all the time, I am in bed, Always completely exhausted for no reason whatsoever.

    I do workout 6 days a week + cardio but mostly doing all cardo, parts of my upper bicep and shoulder area needs to take a break before I do any more damage.

    Before was brawn of brain, now this time its called using your brain over brawn.

    1. Reply

      And on top of that, Cant breathe any longer, Cant move correctly any longer, Memory is going bye bye, sometimes my body wants to stop function out of no where and list goes on and on.

  13. Reply

    I want to set up with a live interview or radio interview with me and mr. collier, It would be very interesting conversation.

    I would love to have him, Dolores Cannon, Credo Mutwa and among others but one one one is best.

    Screw the conference, I cant stand to many people, :(.

    I wouldnt mind conference but a private interview or radio talk is would be great.

    I’ll see what I can do, If shinydemise can do it then I can set one up.

    I hope he is willing to do another one, I know, hes had it, stuff is putting him down to much, he needs to relax some, especially after this many years of this stuff.

    1. Reply

      Someone call the Silver Legion! This Incarnated Pleiadian Overlord needs to go 4D any time soon or he’s gonna blow out of hes terran body!

        • Awakened
        • July 13, 2013

        He is very stressed out

      1. I know the feeling. I miss the 4th Dimension too.

      2. I am already exploding, whatever you all say, the energy is absolutely intense.

        And what do you mean by silver legion, I was looking it up, it has to do with white-supremacy, an underground American fascist organization founded by William Dudley Pelley and announced publicly on January 30, 1933.

        I dont know what you were referring to, in any given rate, I sent you an email on youtube and havent got a responce yet.

      3. You don’t know about the Silver Legion Tanaath is contected with.

        My friend, you are in for a treat!

      4. Ok sorrie, yes I already know about tolec, watched some of his stuff, I havent watched all of his stuff but I will, thanks.

        Do you also believe I am a Pleadian Overlord incarnate?

        Any Confirmations? Altough this is what I been told but I cant re-call any memories, but I can tell you the sightings are getting extremely worse, as in mass sightings, it is growing overtime and for some reason, all looking at me, I wish I knew, Wow my energy must attract even the highest density.

      5. I think they would let you join. They say they can use people who do sleepwork or astral project.

        Put out the intent to them every night, and they might let you join, maby they give you a confirmation in a lucid dream/inseption.

        go to for more information.

        I wish you good luck my friend! 🙂 -b

      6. I’m very sorry no one told you about this before.
        I thought you knew about them.

  14. Reply

    Very interesting folks, Now I see what appears to be ufos reflection off of one of our garden vases outside of our front yard.

    While Asleep, My curtain blinds are all covered, I can still see ufo’s inbetween the cracks of my blinds, and all the sudden I see some lights coming in, this time on ground level, while still laying down and looking at through the curtain blinds, I move my head a bet and tested to see of the object will move and it did, it did many times.

    Then before going to work, I work during after midnight hours, I see the same light on ground level, I see it moving, then I closely when to the area, its our garden vase that holds plants, and I was beginning to look upwards and I see a ufo as well.

    Also while working out, I notice very quick instant, the bar and the weights attached on to it quickly disappeared, I have had many of theses realities/dimensional clashes, and I know I am being watched not only from ufos but from governmental agencies and etc.

    I strongly believed I wa being watched way before I got into this topic to begin with, while on my first youtube account years back, I went back and checked my first youtube video and among others, way before I got into of this stuff, I notice the most views out of all is u.s.a, and state had the most views, always 100% of the time, is the state I am living in presently.

    So I am being closely monitored, even WAY before I even know any of this stuff, is something huge going on here? Absolutely, does it has to do with my awakening,etc? Absolutely, Am I part of a top secret project? That I dont know? What Do I think? Its a coin toss, But I am defint being watched from tons and tons and tons of ufo’s, this is going on every single day, for years, this is a non-stop situation.

    Maybe I know something within myself that is extremely important? I dont know why they choose me?

    Everyone is looking at me like tons of flies on shit.

    1. Reply

      Sometimes I go carelessness in the gym, Thats how I destroyed myself years back and maybe how I activated my Kundalini to begin with.

      Maybe the weight bar being disappeared, Is someone sending me a signal?????????????????

      I know my back was not in good shape.

      Soon as I was done a set, moment later, checked back, everything was gone, instantly, asked if anyone touched it, nope.

      I have had many many experiences on this reality/dimensional clashes, One time I was in radio shack and some black lady was the store manager, next week, she wasnt there, asked the new manager, where is this lady?? Well she been gone long time ago, I said huh, she was just here last week, just one example.

      Many people have been getting this.

      Something also happened to my bank funds to as well.

      What the hell is going on here, this is getting way to frequent, now my funds is being affected on this reality/dimensional clash.

      What in the world is going on here???????????

      Now the frequency on this happening is getting high.

      I want my mind to be blown away, I want to know the full truth, the rest I could careless about, not important, but this is getting nus.

        • Awakened
        • July 12, 2013

        I have experienced something similar. When I am outside I saw something not that high from the ground level(10-15ft) high, just shoots with an amazing velocity. It was small and was emitting light

  15. Reply

    I just made a playlist on my channel of:

    maurizio cavallo

    Please take a look everyone.

    Its in Italian but you can use the beta caption to english, sometimes its probably way off accurate, but better then nothing.

    Worth wartching please.

    Check my playlist.

  16. Reply

    Heres another site of Clarion’s:

    You all might want to copy and paste to wordpad,etc, because the words are kinda hard to read along with the background.

    Very interesting.

  17. Reply

    Ok I tried to get the ufo to come out in the same exact area where I usually see, around the gym I go to here.

    I tried it before 2:30 pm, no sighting, I tried it again like 5:40pm+, no sighting, but yesterday yes at 5:52pm roughly or so.

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