February Webinar Replay Now Available!

Alex Collier

Alex hosted his Seventh 90 minute LIVE webinar including Questions and Answers.

Friday February 19, 2016
Webinar Replay Available NOW!



  1. Hello and thank you for everyone attending to the webinar and thank you Jay Pee for taking my questions, it was very important to me.

    My name was Jerry during the sessions.

    Also everyone, if you want, please visit my channel on the youtube by clicking my user name on this site, I thank everyone for being on this planet at this very crucial and critical time as the old paradigm begins to collapse, we will being to become the true trail blazers(The one that lead and go through the ascension process).

    Light Warriors and Workers, Absolute tough days are coming ahead, prepare yourself both spiritually and mentally.

    See you all at the next webinar.

    Be at one with Creation Itself.


  2. Spencer says:

    I am looking for this webinar. Was it uploaded to vimeo? Did it occur? Anyone know how to listen to it now? I Love that Alex is doing this now and I especially Love that it is helping him climb out of his financial troubles.

    It is important for us to put our money where our mouth is and allow those who wish to provide truth provide it. But if we (the listeners) suck the messenger dry by pirating their source of support/money/help then we eventually lose our source of truth.

    (EDITOR: The webinar is available here.)

  3. Loren says:

    If you do change the format to two webinars per month would you consider some sort of frequent buyer’s discount?

    (EDITOR: The particulars of the two webinars a month have not been decided as yet.)

  4. Glenn says:

    It would be interesting to hear Alex’s opinions this webinar on independent presidential candidate Andrew D. Basiago. For those unfamiliar with his story, Basiago claims that as a child beginning in the late 60s, he served in two classified US Defense projects involving time travel and “jump room” teleportation, namely to the planet Mars. According to him, the red planet is home to much terrestrial life, including humanoid alien beings. Basiago vows that if elected, he will expose government corruption and conspiracy once and for all. Is his campaign too good to be true or the beginning of a long-overdue change?

  5. Guillermo says:


    I’m interested in suscribing, yet I will not be able to see the webinar at the scheduled our. If I suscribe, would I be able to reply the video? downloand, or maybe watched later in a special URL?

    (EDITOR: If you cannot watch the webinar live, a replay will be available to all webinar purchasers. However, you may wish to wait until Monday February 22, 2016 when the edited webinar will be available via video-on-demand.)

  6. Loren says:

    I just signed up. Last webinar something happened where I was unable to ask questions. Do you mind if I post them here?

  7. Sara Nickerson Weslow says:

    The webinars are so knowledgeable……….I learn so much from Alex. They are worth the time to listen. Alex Collier, to me has always had much integrity, and speaks the truth. The knowledge is profound. I have been reading his information for years, and he has never let me down………he helps me to tie it all together for better understanding about many complex issues. Thank you, Alex………Blessings to you!

  8. Ranw says:

    Young terrans, let’s do this.

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