Alex Collier 102nd *LIVE* Webinar on Friday, March 20, 2020!

See Alex Collier LIVE!
FRIDAY, March 20, 2020!

Alex Collier

Alex is hosting his 102nd 2-Hour *LIVE* webinar including Questions and Answers.

This webinar will include subjects: Current Stat., Changing Landscapes, the Old God, And much more!

Exclusively live and hosted by

Friday, March 20, 2020
2pm Eastern. 1pm Central. 12pm Mountain. 11am Pacific

Do not miss this exciting opportunity to see Alex Collier LIVE online.



 Tickets Are Just $12.

 All proceeds go directly to Alex Collier!

  • IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: We are now using as our webinar service. It seems to be quite streamlined. When visiting the webinar registration page you can register for your ticket for the next webinar by clicking the green ‘Register Now' button.
  • You can now enter your email address or click the Twitter, Facebook or Google buttons. If you are registering with email please click the green ‘Send Me A Login Link'. You will be sent an email from Crowdcast. Click the link in the email to confirm your email address. If you do not receive this email please check your Spam/Junk folder.
  • You can then enter your credit/debit card information. The system uses Stripe, it offers secure credit/debit card transactions and is more reliable than PayPal. A payment to ‘Alex Collier' for $12 will be listed on your credit card/bank statement.
  • Once you have paid you will receive a receipt and an email with a link to access the webinar. In the webinar room prior to the event, you can chat with other webinar attendees. You can also ask a question by selecting the ‘Ask a Question' link at the bottom.
  • Thank you for supporting Alex Collier and we will see you at the event on Friday.

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  1. Reply

    I accidentally purchased (rented) the same update twice (March 20). Once on April 11 and once today May 18. Would it be possible to credit me for a future purchase instead (Alex’s next update)?

      • Alex Collier dot org
      • May 24, 2020

      Hi Samantha. You need to contact James Harkin using the form at:

    • John
    • March 17, 2020

    Alex, hello it’s John from Canada ontario joes nephew. Just giving an update. So here in my city grocery stores are getting hit hard and shelves are getting bare. I’d like to know your thoughts on the 5g connection as to what’s going on virus wise? Also your thoughts on 5g! I feel they will use this virus to start up martial law in America as a whole! I also feel they will be shutting down cities all over soon very soon! I’d love to hear your take on the matter! Been listening to your lectures for 20years now! If you are not stocking food up yet I’d say it’s time to start while you can! Not 100% sure but my gut tells me this event is directly related to 5g technology as an attack on all of human kind! Also I’d love to know if you by chance have any thoughts on April 29th meteor passing buy, mostly if we are still in that field you spoke of a few years back? Have we passed it yet? I will do my best to see this webinar live, but I might not also because I’ll have to buy what food I can when my money arrives! I’ll do my best to set aside that money! Much love

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