Current Status of Alex Collier…

Dear Friends…

I am receiving messages from many people regarding what is happening with Alex Collier. From what I gather from email conversations with Alex Collier and others that he is to retire from public life in order to be with his family and rebuild his life away from this arena. Myself and others tried to convince him otherwise and that he is a great asset to us all, but his mind is made up.

Alex Collier

Because this site is an archive to Alex Collier's work, I will keep it in operation and keep the donation buttons on the site so that Alex can still benefit from this work even though he has decided to retire from public life.

For the record, I was asked to remove the previous post by Alex Collier as they were private messages not meant for public consumption.

I hope you will all respect Alex Collier's decision and wish him well in the next stage of his life…

With love and appreciation to you all and your families…


James Harkin, AlexCollier.Org Site Creator

P.S. I will of course update the site with any further information when I receive it. I still have some transcripts of prior talks still to add and will do this shortly.

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    • Fran
    • January 8, 2013

    Well Alex,….you’ve made a gigantic dent in many peoples lives!! What a great feat of courage,…tenacity and over all great gift to humankind of this Earth!! I will hope to meet you some day as I was never able to get to one of your lectures…But if I ever do have the privilege of ever meeting you,….I would give you the biggest Bear Hug ever!! Then…. I would shake your hand and smile and say….Wow!! You’ve done a wonderful job,…..through thick and thin,…you stuck it out!! “Atta-boy-wilber!!” You sure deserve some time out with your family!! And for the record? Please,Please,Please when you’ve had a nice rest…come out to play and at least do some Book-signing , a few outdoor/Nature type setting arena presentations perhaps,….what can we do to make you and possibly your wife if she would come with to come on Possibly to support you if that would be of help…and I’m sure we ALL would make it worth your while to Share your Knowledge in person. Your such a magnificent speaker and so articulate and chock full of polite grace,and so pleasant to listen to. You’ve come a long way baby. I feel so Grateful to have had the privilege of watching anything and everything I’ve had the chance to listen to,…. in Sharing of your knowledge and personal experiences with the “A’s”….you changed my life, opened my eyes wide open and gave me a thirst for a grand future for us all. I hope we can pull it off to be the race of royalty we all so much deserve. My hat’s off to you and your understanding wife. I wish to see you out in some capacity hopefully in the not so far future. You certainly have a gift,….and I hope you realize how wonderfully incredible your words inspire others and give credence to all that come in contact with you in every way, shape and form. Your a true GEM!! We all will miss you terribly and especially ME!! Love and a happy life to you and your family,…You will be sorely missed here in the Big Family out here in search of the Truth and the Balls to tell it!!! Be Well and take care my friend <3 ~Fran~*

    • Stuart
    • December 31, 2012

    Alex, why not just relocate to Australia (like the USA, only safer)? We love you here.

    • Adrian Gilmour
    • December 22, 2012

    Dude! hope ur doing well alex, its sad to hear that you’re retiring from this task..and i dont blame is a hard task..and im about to get married and raise a is already hard for me…i can see more clear how is hard to you. Regarding your retirement..everyone needs that, no one can work forever, everyone retires eventually, so I totally respect that, this world is crazy, you know that, and if i have learned something from you, is that everyone should follow their own path, you already had give us the appropiate tools to: make contact, pray-meditate, to love, to respect everyone, and you gave us a different perspective about our blue pale dot, i was having a, lets call it religious break down…and one day I saw your video by accident(but i thing nothing is by accident)..totally changed my mind.. at least on me, you made a difference, you made me spiritual independent, you taught me the way and i went for it.. and im thankful to you, im hoping to meet you someday,not in this dimention but maybe 5th, shake hands and just tell you: thanks bro. Sorry for my bad english, im from Mexicali, Baja California, where is happening weird things btw, hope you doing great and i honestly wish you the best for you and your family, we are proud of you, and we respect you.


    P.S: I want to learn to decode holographic symbols, im still working on that.

    • Jagan McTavven
    • December 21, 2012

    Alex, One thing I wanted you to know? I really am proud of you for all you have accomplished these past 20 years out in the field? I know many have challenged and ridiculed you many of times, But there are 3 spots in your criteria that convinces me otherwise. I wish I could relay them, but I know you wouldn’t want anything posted? However you fought a good fight, and I know in your wisdom you’ll do the right thing, but now is a good time to reinvent yourself to yourself and to your family. One favor I ask is not to beat yourself up over this with regret, Your material and wisdom have helped me from a dark entity to a near light entity(and believe me I was) And opened some latent memories as well..From the bottom of my heart I salute you, and pray for you and your family. Stay strong my friend..My thoughts are with you every day!

    In Light and Love
    Jagan M. McTavven aka Jenjahlus

    • matej
    • December 19, 2012

    Thanks Alex,
    You have been in many possible ways inspiration in my life.Firstly it was dark night of the soul, which continues to this day…but i wouldn´t change. When looking at world and its condition(hapiness, economic in-stability, enviromental chaos), all things you were warning many years ahead…I am truly persuated about our common mission in our hearts to fight back.
    As I can see it here in Western Europe, human sanity defined as attachment to the truth at all costs, it is absolutely misunderstood.
    As you mentioned alone, Lie has became the norm, Competition and Fight daily routine.

    To conclude,I personally spent days to translate your videos to my mother tongue around(8-10 hours) and the feeling from this little sharing and spreading information tastes wonderfully.
    I feel You Alex to be my brother, even more, from the first sight in 2008 I intuitively started to receive your meesage.

    “The Truth will prevail.”

    • Cheryl
    • December 19, 2012

    Our universe is a classroom…..with good and evil and the free will to choose between the two. It is our responsibility to grow and move towards higher vibrations of Love. THAT is the point of existence. Now is the time to turn inward and face yourself. There you will be able to do the most for all humanity. I feel the star beings are very proud at how far we have come – even in just the past weeks – and will join us in meditation and celebration as we FINALLY move into 5D.

    Funny thing….2 months ago I had no idea about any of this…WE ARE AWAKE!!!

    Keep up the meditating! Remember you are a piece of consciousness expressing itself so that it may have experience and grow….you are immortal.

    NO life is pure evil or pure good. It is a continued balance between these forces so that life may learn and evolve. These experience are not to be judged. Just experienced. No event is good or bad. It just is. If we did not suffer…we could not grow and our fellow beings in the universe know this. They are like parents watching us learn our lessons and will be here to guide us through our “graduation”…

    Feel as though we have already passed through the event horizon and feel your new 5D self…feel the freedom and joy….feel the peace….feel the LOVE…feel the gratitude of a healed planet.

    Feel your connectedness to all – feel yourself surrounded in unconditional love…feel that love radiating to our entire universe….<3

    • Daniel McCray
    • December 17, 2012

    we all need to remember that we all must be able to help one another. we might be going through some tough times but as long as we stay united, we will make it through this

    • eva
    • December 16, 2012

    Alex I’ll miss you. HOnestly, you are the only one I truly believe

    • Sam
    • December 12, 2012

    I hope soo too Gurtej Singh

    • Anonymous
    • December 12, 2012

    Bless you and your family, Alex!
    Thank you from The United Kingdom, Malaysia and Portugal.


    • Gurtej Singh
    • December 9, 2012

    I hope humanity will start moving in higher consciousnesses on 21-12-2012. So that guys like alex will be respected there

    • Hernan
    • December 5, 2012

    Honestly, not only I tell him thanks for giving all these teachings. I also WISH to have enought money (Im unemployed) for being able to give him a decent job. Something he really needs for what I heard. I really wonder if none of the thousands or the hundreds of thousands who learn from him is able to give this good man a good job.
    PD. Andromedans really sucks. They left him starving. Without moving a fucking finger (literally) to help him. That pisses me off because he did soo much for everybody (humans and andromedans) but no one is able to help him.

      • Daniel McCray
      • December 7, 2012

      there is a possiblity they have come down here as walkins and are helping him down here.

        • Meling
        • December 11, 2012

        According to the information presented by Tolec of the and Tannath of the, the andromedans n’ friends have been very busy throughout 2012, and this may be the reason they haven’t contacted him (until now, perhaps).
        Tolec’s n’ Tannath’s info is very much worth the while to check out. It turnes out – apparently – the human races have won the battles in earth space 🙂 The neagtive ET’s have been captured and disbanned from this system, even this galaxy 🙂

        Deside for yourselves 🙂

        • Daniel
        • December 12, 2012

        tolec is not a bad person but yet again there has been extrterrestrials who have disguessed themselves as benevolant ET’s. the only thing i have to say is that everyone has a peice of the puzzle.

        • Stuart
        • December 31, 2012

        I saw Tolec asking another YouTube user to remove his (Tolec’s) videos from his account. I’ve been suspicious ever since. 😉

    • Meling
    • December 5, 2012

    Alex Collier has left his legacy to us. When he’s not around publically, we are the ones who should spread his message of truth! Alex, I know you read this. You have saved a lot of people. You have completed your mission. Your soul has reached it’s peak. After this life, you will live eternally as a supreme being of infinite and total love! They should welcome you to the 12D-club right away!

    No one is as brave as you.

    Your predictions for 2003 could have been right. I’ve heard information that the “Event” was blown up by people from our planet when it was passing Jupiter in 2003. You, Alex, will know what I’m talking about. You did the right thing by warning us about that 🙂 You have ALWAYS done the right thing 🙂


    A fellow spirit.

    • Meling
    • December 5, 2012

    Alex Collier is a Hero!

    • jcsu
    • December 5, 2012

    thank you for all the time and effort in sharing your experiences with the A’s…and later, your own personal insights about so many things going on all around us, but few knew, until you pointed it all out.
    thank you for being honest enough to explain how you, yourself had to work at “your own stuff”…in order to really grow in this lifetime…and so on.
    just by sharing all of that, it encouraged me to really look closer at my own life and my own needed growth. so thank you, for the idea!
    alex, i respect your choice in not doing public interviews or talks anymore…but, i will miss your interviews–if nothing else, because you have the best laugh ever!!
    therefore, i am so grateful for ALL the many YT-clips that are STILL out there to watch over and over, and share with others!! you are the Earth’s BEST contactee, in my opinion…because you are SO “human”!
    and thank you for your booklet: “DEFENDING SACRED GROUND”, i have shared with with many folks over the years.
    thanks to THIS website manager!! i am SO grateful for it!
    ALEX, PLEASE hang in there…you are SO LOVED…on many “levels” of existance!

    • Cognitive Dissident
    • December 4, 2012

    Having got so much inspiration from Alex’s work over the years, I have donated some money to him via PayPal. I didn’t hear back, which is not a surprise if he doesn’t have a computer, but I would like to know that he has received it, and hopefully that he has received enough money to put himself into a better place than he was previously.

    • b
    • December 2, 2012

    Good luck, alex. Thank you for sharing.

    • Nicky
    • December 1, 2012

    thank you alex for giving me and many, hope and room to breath and thank you also james you did a great job.

    • irene
    • November 27, 2012

    Dear Alex,
    When we were feeling hopeless, we stumbled upon your genuineness and winning smile. The “we” of which I speak is the thread which connects us all at our heart centers. And, now, dear friends, it is past time to jump in and express our appreciation for the generosity that our brother Alex has shown us by his sincerity and devotion to truth. Let us not just send him some bucks but let us join together and create a new economy in which all beings will flourish. My love and appreciation to you Alex and may the light continue to manifest through you.

      • Carla
      • November 30, 2012

      Irene, I totally agree and in the UK they have already started to pull their finger out.

  1. Reply

    I see the tears and outpouring in all these conversations. Alex had the same affect on me and I felt his words at a soul level and they rang true.

    I wish there could be an ongoing site to continue the dialogue.

    With all,

    feel free to email me or visit my blog.

    • Carrie
    • November 26, 2012

    People are such assholes. I would like to apologize on behalf of people to Alex. I will miss you.

    • Steve
    • November 23, 2012

    re RHnegative Blood – I believe this is the “bloodline” that has more copper in it, and these people are usually used as ‘walk-ins’ for other entities (such as the Draco) – The ‘royals’ apparently have this lineage, and you should find a lot of information from David Ickes site/books that detail this.

    The frequency of these bloodlines is low 4th density (i think) – and as the reptilians dwell in that frequency, it is their way to enter and manipulate this world through a 3rd density human form.

    • Steve
    • November 23, 2012

    This is to the A’s (if they’re listening)…

    ..Well thank you for showing us how you treat one of your own and leave them in the lurch…if that’s what it’s like to be a part of the universal consciousness to just dump your ambassador to Earth I say screw it!

    It’s a disgrace you have let Alex endure so much, without any backup for him. I’m angry at the fact you’ve done this, and if the only reason is because you yourselves have been taken out, then I’m sorry.

    But if you are still there, you have in my opinion showed what your true nature is like: cowardly.

    Much love to Alex, thanks mate, you really helped a lot of people who were struggling to understand all the mess. You have done a fantastic job, and may good things come to you, you deserve to be happy and healthy.


      • Daniel McCray
      • November 29, 2012

      it is beleived by some the A’s were chassed out by the regresseves or simply they are so dead locked in a war they can not risk communicating. this could also be a deliberate thing the A’s are doing to see if we are going to help one of our own. these are the possibilities but i am not sure if any of them are the reall reason why they have not communicated with him yet.

    • michelle
    • November 22, 2012

    ps. i do have a question if i may. what can you tell us about RHnegitive blood. thank you please consider staying intouch

    • michelle
    • November 22, 2012

    A[ex i cant stop crying .it feels like ive lost my bestfriend. perhaps you would consider something like a weekly or biweekly coloum where you could answer peoples emails sent to you. and keep us updated with things you might want to share about your new life. we all and thjnk j can say all feel like you are famjly. its painful to loose someone you deeply connect with. we love you Alex. please consider. most sincerity, Michelle

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