LATEST: Alex Collier’s Perspective on the World – March 2014

Good news for followers of Alex Collier, we have received a message from Alex regarding what is happening in the world right now…


Alex Collier
Alex Collier


I feel that its necessary to bring some perspective to what is happening in the world and the movement of intent and the movement of the dark side. I am using this word “dark side” intentionally. Because it is with intent that they choose to corrupt, deceive, control, and eliminate those who will not surrender their freewill or sovereignty. And to imprison us they also imprison themselves to a paradigm that will always implode on itself. I will start with earth and work my way out to the edge of the solar system.

A lot of talk Regarding a Global Currency Reset. If you are not aware of this please look it up and do the research (ED: Check out Pastor Lindsey Williams' website regarding the Global Currency Reset). Bottom line is this. Only 3 countries don't have a private Central bank not run by the Rothschild's. North Korea, Syria and Iran.

“Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), founder of the House of Rothschild.

“If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” – Gutle Schnaper, wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild and mother of his five sons

“Neither paper currency nor deposits have value as commodities. Intrinsically, a ‘dollar’ bill is just a piece of paper. Deposits are merely book entries.” – “Modern Money Mechanics Workbook” – Federal Reserve of Chicago, 1975

Global Currency Reset

What we have really going on is the collapse of the “Fiat monetary System” to be replaced with a Commodity systems where each country pledges its raw materials and true wealth to a private central bank run by the Rothschild's banking syndicate. When in a year to 3 years they take over the whole planet to instill the New World Order or whatever they want to call it, they will have title of ownership to everything in the ground and above. So please don't be fooled by this move. Yes it will help some, and give some breathing room and the chance to help others, but in the end it amounts to the same thing. A monetary system on earth is about control. That is why most if not nearly all off world civilization's , don't use a monetary system. Even many of the regressive races don't use a monetary system. Cause their own kind would rebel.


Here I would like to address something I and others have spoken of years ago. The playing with time travel and the opening of portals that connected to other or created other parallel realities. I was made aware of three that had occurred. The first was the Germans in the 20's and 30's with the help (if you really want to call it that) of those representing a small group from the Aldebaran Star System . The order of the dark sun. The Black Monks.

This timeline is the last to be merged into our present reality. Its been occurring for many years, however because of its extreme negativity the process of merging was slowed down considerably as to not shock all of humanity. This must be concluded before we cross the galactic plane I have been told. I have no definite timeline for this event yet. And I really believe that timelines are no longer relevant as everything is based on consciousness' of humanity and is now fully intentional based events. This 3rd timeline is based on total fear and control of a fascist Global and Orion group Et control. I am told it is very dark. Many children are born underground to hide them from the system. We see this coming about into our present day reality more and more with accelerated speed.

The jump to 4th and 5th density is directly connected to this event. The merging of timelines. Back in 1996 when I was given Dec 03 2013, the A's and others saw the highest probability of the regressive and reptilian races leaving and in fact running away. For that is what they have always done when they were cornered. Clearly that has not happened.

Off World News:

The past DMZ of the Solar System if I may use that expression was outside Saturn's rings. And then it moved in closer to the asteroid belt. It is now just inside Mars orbit. Our space fleet has been ordered by the Orion Group here controlling us, to have no contact with any other races. And at present that's where it stands. We have many very good men and woman up there wanting to be as free as we once were. They are in many respects being more controlled that we are. Please keep them in your prayers. They know more of what is happening than most here on the planet could even imagine.

I would also like to point out that at some point the regressive Et races, and in fact all races of ET descent will leave Earth. And we the people will be left with the governments, Military and Banking Empires we allowed to Steal our wealth, country's and sovereignty. We allowed this corruption to go on as long as it has. We know its been bad. We know that our rights and freedoms have been stolen from us. We rolled over and gave up inch after inch. Its now yard after yard. We must stand united as a race and with one voice and one clear intent take back our rights and tell the governments of the world that we are not there property, we are not a natural resource of anyone's. We are free, and they were created to Protect our rights, or they will be thrown off and new governments will be created.

That's all for now. Love You……..


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    • tina
    • June 20, 2014

    All my love to you and your family.
    Thank you for everything
    Love from Slovenia

      • aleks kolijer bralec
      • August 5, 2014

      hehe lepo je videti slovenčke tukile. A mislš da se bodo andromedanci kdaj nam prikazali. Čeprov me spiritualizem in vsa ta drža pozitivizma ne mika niti malo ne ker se mi resno zdi naivna, me vseeno zanima kontakt z bitji iz drugih dimenzij ali planetov ali iz kjerkoli – dokler so good guys se razume 😉 lp

      (ED: Translation: hehe nice looking slovenčke tukile. A mislš that will andromedanci when we show up. Čeprov me spiritualism and all these countries positivism is not even a little bit tempted not because I seriously seem naive, I’m still interested in contact with beings from other dimensions or planets or from anywhere – as long as the good guys understood;) lp)

        • aleks kolijer bralec
        • August 6, 2014

        this translation is not good 🙁

    • Joe
    • April 28, 2014


    Love from Croatia.

    • agartha
    • April 26, 2014

    we love you Alex

    (death for all governments)

    • SEAN
    • April 17, 2014

    im Sean i speak TAMIL(the first evolved language on earth)..and people more than half of what collier said about how the aliens look like is damn true ,its in our scriptures and books!!!at one point i thought he was just copying them but something about him is soooo idk how to explain,the ”childlike”looking aliens description of him astonished me..people here in india we have ”PLANTS AND HERBS”that will let u communicate to your preferred ”planet”im not joking,but uncle who is a ”SIDDHAR”(google this)..does this !!!finally to all the people here believe in this but dont over-believe if yr frm u.s.a .europe the chances of you communicating is lesser..

      • Ashford Miner
      • May 5, 2014

      Hi Sean, peace, respect and blessings from me to you. My name is Ashford I speak english and i am from new york born and raised. I would like to know why it is that people from usa or europe have lesser chances of communicating with preferred planets and beings/ entities as you are explaining. Please elaborate that with me. I deeply desire to communicate on a higher level. I dont want to be pessimistic about my abilities to do so.

    • Velassar
    • April 17, 2014

    I am going to ask the Andromedans to help remove the Moon tonight. Guys, lets make this request together! We can change the world tomorrow so that it becomes a better place for everyone if we request the Andromedan Council to intervene now.

    • April 16, 2014

    If, someone could show you how to make the the darkness go away, would you be brave enough for a little experiment?

    Since the Moon is used against us, why not turn the tables and use the Moon against the Dark Side.

    Interested? If so, for the next 6 months (just 2 times a month), try this experiment with a group of friends.

    No matter where you are in the world, on the first full moon, envision within your heart and mind that the “Powers That Be” are suddenly discordant, making mistakes, bickering among themselves and/or disappearing…into a dimension away from us, a dimension that will make them happy and us too.

    Thus you have just created a win, win, scenario.
    The Dark Ones are away from us and our Earth, and happily creating mischief in another dimension bickering among themselves.

    Now on the New Moon (Dark Moon) to the Full Moon (Bright and Full), imagine humanity becoming stronger, wiser, peaceful, more powerful and sovereign.

    You see, we are all very powerful and when we focus our minds together as a unit things begin to happen. Add to this mix the Moon and we can change our reality and anyway we want to perceive it.

    Before you say no, simply try it as a group experiment. The Universe is full of raw, neutral energy just waiting for us to mold it to our will and use it.

    By the way, most of the Dark Ones have used similar techniques for hundreds of years to get what they want. Is it not time for us? This works, it just the power of many to focus on the single theme, freedom from enslavement.

    • Rachel
    • April 8, 2014

    Hail-lo-way-an! <3

    • Hector
    • April 4, 2014

    Correction: the jesuits where behind this along with the vatican, they have been lieing yto us long enough

    • Hector
    • April 4, 2014

    Well it seems that. A monetary an financial reset its at our door steps please ckek out Harry Dent and Karen Hudes in youtube they know much about this, it seems that the good people got together and decided that enough is enough and this fiat money its no longer good and has never been, Russia and China are setting things straight, they are going to use their own currency, backed by their own gold and, assets and wealth and many other countries are getting together to to the same, therefore the dollard is dead and all countries and also the US can start clean with a new monetary system own by the people and without debt because all that this fiat money did was to create debt, this no longer happens, finally the world is freeing itself. The jesuits where behind and the vatican, they habe lieing to us long enough.
    And dont forget we create our reality not the ETs

  1. Reply

    Answer to “just awake and aware”
    You say “aliens that are in control” and I assume you mean the Draconian Alliance and the greys or dows. You underestimate the common sense of people and also the Andromedan Alliance. The later does not seem reasonable to let it happen, and the people would not confuse, the Draconian Alliance with the Andromedan Alliance. Also I do not agree with the declaration in the h t t p:// We cannot be neutral and at the same time free and indepeden. That is a hypocricy. If we could stand alone and defend ourselves we would have not been manipulated and being predated by the Draconian Alliance for so many thousand years, In times of war, one must take clear sides. And right now we need to take the side of the Andromedan Alliance. As far as “stand on equal feet with the aliens” is naive hope. The Andromeadan alliance has civilizations from the 3rd density up to the 9th density. And the Draconian from 3rd density up to 5th density. The earth being in 4th density is not standing on equal foot. There is no way we can defend ourselves versus either the Draconian Alliance or the Andrοmedan Alliance. Besides , maybe you have read that when and if earth migrates to 4th density, all artficial techlogical objects are dissolved , in the sense that they stop functioning, they become like salt and (aether) rock (computers, telephones, weapons, bombs, cars, buildings etc). They say that even the shape of the lands, will be a bit different as land in 4th density. Therefore practically all the technological civlizations goes to zero! And there is no civilization without technology. Only life is preserved (of the plant, animal , and human kingdoms) . And I am not sure that all people or animals can make it. Maybe a significant number, will not be able to migrate. That is why a free will option and choice is important before the migration. So just after the migration to 4th density, they say that people will be defenseless like 15 years old children. I am not sure if our conscrete mind memore (information-knowledge) is preseved or lost too. Of course at that particular time we would mostly need benevolent aliens like the Andromedan alliance, and no issues of not accepting them would intervene. This is of course the easy and best solution for the Andromedan Alliance and best time to apear. Also for us is a kind of good solution , as we will not have to solve 1) The CO2 problem, and abandoning oil and energy model 2) We will not have to solve the monetary and banking overdebt problem 3) We will not have to solve the regressive and hidden technology from the greys , problem. In general we will not have to correct any of the current 3rd density civilization problem, as the technology, money system, institutions, laws etc of this civilization will vanish. And indeed a time of it to happen between October 2013-january 2014 would be kind of perfect, given that the oxygen percentage of the atmosphere goes less and less, and before 2050 , there may start appearing asphyxiations symptoms , in the fishes of the sea, in animals and humans.
    And indeed this would be the easy for us and the easy for the (good) aliens solution. It is not probable to happen soon, according to my opinion and speculations, for the reasons of free will that I describe before. People must have the option to shift in 4th density or not. And those that do not want, must have the options to be transported to other 4rd density living planets (with oxygen biosphere). One good think that has happened, with these prediction of the migration of earth to 4th density till October 2013-January 2014, was that many people stopped believing anymore on the armageddon within the 3rd density reality. A new and better concept that of migration to 4th density has replaced it.
    Therefore , it seems to me that all the non-resolving problems of the earthly 3rd density civilization, must be resolved fast enough, and this seems possible only with a more dynamic intervention of the Andromedan Alliance on earth (not as saviors-gods but as powerful partners and allies) . This is my opinion.

    1. Reply

      Correction: The phrase “People must have the option to shift in 4th density or not. And those that do not want, must have the options to be transported to other 4rd density living planets (with oxygen biosphere).”
      Is corrected of course to “People must have the option to shift in 4th density or not. And those that do not want, must have the options to be transported to other 3rd density living planets (with oxygen biosphere).”

    • just awake and aware
    • March 28, 2014

    if Alien Contact did happen somehow, its most likely aliens who are into control and domination will make contact. these would be aliens who will present themselves as our savior’s when in fact these aliens were dominating us from behind the scenes for long time anyway. this will be a planned contact.
    Real Contact might happen when we become mid 4 Dimensional and are closer to our higher self of awareness and not 3D lower self of awareness and remember who we really are.
    To stand on equal feet with aliens, we must also have telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, etc. which all aliens always have. otherwise its way too easy for aliens to dominate us. We will need to unseal these abilities from our junk dna which were sealed by aliens and bring control back to conscious mind.

  2. Reply

    I would like to add and explain something to my previous comment , about my attitude [going on with my life with the working assumption that it will not happen] , and how I handled, the prediction about the migration of earth, in to 4th density, during October 2013-January 2014. I started reading intensively , as many details as I could find about it, during May-July 2013, and I concluded, that according to me, it was not very probable that it would happen. The reasoning that led me to this forecasting can be probably applied to future times, and it suggests also when it is more probable that it will happen. The reasoning is the next: It seems to me that humans on earth must have a choice if they will migrate to 4th density or not. We are told that a soul before it incarnates chooses where, when, and for what reason. Would this decision include, the probability that it will shift to 4th density, (and as I read that life duration in a body in 4th density may be from 6-10 thousand years!) I doubt that the soul of most humans on earth might contain such a possibility. Besides it seems that this migration of earth to 4th density is related to the appearance of a new density the 12th which something new during nineties. Too many of the earthly souls, seem to be interested too much about material forms of 3rd density. Many of them maybe are not prepared to live and function in 4th density, cannot hold that frequency, while other souls are eager to live in the frequency and conditions of 4th density. Therefore a choice of a human to migrate or not seems reasonable and necessary. But such a choice would involve two things a) The concepts and beliefs to understand what is 4th density , what migration to 4th density means b) The feasibility of being transferred to other 3rd density planets, of the galaxy. Now for the a) we must not forget that the overwhelming majority of the earthly population, has not the slightest idea about the concept of what 4th density is, not to mention the belief and feeling of the reality of it. If we assume that the mass media, were plainly talking about it, as a real thing as the forecasting of the earthly weather, then also d) the universities would need to change their dogmas, and replace what they call @quantum vacuum@ and @relativitsic empty space-time@ with the reality of the 1st aethereal material density (or which is the same the 4th material density). This of course would open the door, to accept in the University Science the many amateur inventions of the @free energy@ and the way to stop polluting with CO2 would have been found. Now this is estimated by many people to take at most 40 years. Second about b) it would be necessary, that people widely would know the reality of the existence of other civilizations in the galaxies, and of course this would require the e) friendly cooperation of the Andromedan alliance with most of the Governments. As both d) and e) (change of dogmas in the Universities about @Quantum vacuum@ and @relativistic space-time@, and a friendly cooperation of the Andromedan Alliance with most of the Governments) are not visible in the current societies, then also it is not probable that the global shift of earth to 4th density would happen. Conversely if and whenever both d) and e) are visible, then it is a very high probability. I may be wrong of course in my speculations, and there are for sure many other things that i am not aware of, but for me this analysis is satisfactory, to regulate and direct the plans of my life.

    • Velassar
    • March 26, 2014

    Guys, ET first contact might happen next month in April 2014. Read here for more >>>

    • just awake and aware
    • March 25, 2014

    i had read somewhere long ago that humans and earth vibrate at 8 ohm or cycles sec, if its true then would increase in frequency mean earth is shifting. not sure though. it might be measurable.

  3. Reply

    I do believe, that eventually, planet earth will evolve, by migrating mainly (as tonal frequency) in to the middle range of the 4th density physical reality. And this may happen during next months, years, decades, centuries, thousands of years, or decades of millenia etc. I believe that it is something not entirely depending on humanity, or on Andromedan Alliance, or Draconian Alliance , or earthly “Gods”. Maybe the initial Founders of life might have saying here. I hope also that eventually all life with consiousness will not exist anymore in to 3rd density material reality, but 4th ,5th and hihger, Because having living creatures that in order to survive must kill-eat and poredate on other living creatures, is something a lot of monstrous situation. We are informed here that from 5th density and higher this is not the case. But my attitude , even before October 2013, and before December 2012, WAS and IS now (March 2014) , and will CONTINUE TO BE the same, wich is the next: I go no with my life, planning for the future, and enjoying as much as possible, with the working hypothesis, assumption, and belief that that this migration of earth will not happen during this current life od me. Otherwise we are in danger of destoying our lives, as the ancient christians, in the catacombs, waiting for “the kingdom of Jesus-Christ-God” to live there as free citizens. In addtion I believe, and somehow I do know, that the frequency in our bodies, has indeed, increased ( and I mean the average spin of protons, neutrons, electrons, or if you are more sophisticated, the Debroglie-Compton frequency of the electrons, wich is also related with the perception of the speed of the flow of time). It is enough for me to go on with my life, planing for a future, were this frequency will still go on being high, as it is, and will increase, within the (3rd density) physical reality that we see and know. Believe me this more than enough for an inner work, change of beliefs, about how is best for the society to function, and trying to find joy, and creativity in our current experience. I believe that thsi attitude is wise, while still proceeding to the right direction.

    • just awake and aware
    • March 25, 2014

    shift to 5D isn’t going to happen overnight. if it did that may mean death as our bodies then wont able to hold the atoms together because of sudden vibration change. Alex did say in his book that he had to wear some kind of belt before entering 5D.
    if shift is long and slow process, then as earth raises her vibration slowly, our bodies will have time to adjust itself to earth’s vibration over period of time.
    this means we will be slowly moving from 3D to 4D then to 5D. thing will start to get interesting as we finally start entering 4D sometime in future. ^^
    that’s when veil will be lifted and we will start remembering our past lives, have increased awareness.
    we may also need to reconnect junk dna with working dna if we want back our ability to be telepathic, telekinetic, clairvoyance, etc. some people are accidentally born with these abilities, some manage to get these abilities back with some practice, and some fail whatever they do. it must be junk dna! don’t believe when mainstream says junk dna is really junk and suggest you to remove it from your genome.
    btw lower astral plane where undesirable energy sucking entities exist is actually 2D not 4D. 2D is a dark realm where fear rules. this is what people might be seeing in haunted houses.

  4. Reply

    Bottom line ALex is that we have to unite as light workers. NO more of this loner crap.We need to come together on Universal Principals of Love and Light. It’s
    time to wage vibrational war against the Cabal and we are fierce and strong together. REally the war is fought within and the social change can be seen in the news. At least above top secret that is because mainstream news is a joke. I want to extend my heart to ALex and tell him that he is not a joke and it’s all real what’s in his mind. THe mind is no joke and very powerful in a quantum way. LEt’s band together and form community and cooperate finally instead of trying to out do each other. Sounds pretty good and intelligent and the opportune time is NOW. NOW ( Natural ORder Warrior). Release the beast from you or you will never make it to see this new earth. PEace and Love but most of all JOY ALex just JOY JOY JOY.

    1. Reply

      Release the beast within?? LOL, its already been done :).

    • Luis Vazquez
    • March 23, 2014

    I just found Alex Collier after watching a 1994 video two days ago.. I was stunned.. The Creator is,in fact,ever present….,and I have cultivated and share a very close relationship with our true Source.. I am ,also,a dedicated lifelong searcher of truth. The kernels will resonate when found..,so the tears flowed freely to see the glory of an Earthly man speak passionately about his quest to know more about our reality..,our true reality..,not the Orion manipulated one. I am 44 years old now..,started at age 11 researching the “higher mysteries” as I off times refer to them. I have pieces of

    the puzzle to share..,and run by Alex.. There is a way to track where we are on our journey around the galactic center..,and know who’s dominions our solar system is approaching and to run our thoughts by the Creator and whom the Creator has put in charge of particular locales. We,because we are human royalty,humbly,have fantastically unique audience with the Creator on many issues now facing us on Earth. As Lucian on Yahoo I tried to convey such to my beloved worldwide collective human family. One becomes marked for having such noble intents. This world is sick with deceit. I need to find a way to actually speak with Alex… Can anyone,please..,I verily plead..,help me contact Alex so that I can run thoughts past him.. At times our solar system falls through dark ajiy periods..,when densities collide. I need to know his thoughts..,for my highest light..,he is also a Creator’s son here now. Please..,someone aid me in this noble wish to talk to Alex..

  5. Reply

    The orbit of the moon according to official University Astronomers , has changed slightly. From slightly falling towards earth (something taught in the Universities during 70’s and 80’s and been measured by too many astronomers since many decades ago) , now it is slightly escaping away from earth. Now this change is significant and it seems to me that it is not the result of random perturbations of the planets influences. Here is the relevant link

    And I copy paste a paragraph from the Blog
    2.16.1 The orbit of the moon.
    I grew up and was educated in the decades of 1960/1970 and during that time it was widely known in almost all astronomic books, that the orbit of moon was such that it was slightly approaching the earth. There were many scenarios in the astronomic books, that after many millions of years the moon would be close enough to earth, that gravitational tidal forces would brake it in to many small pieces and it become a ring around the earth, like that of planet Saturn. The measurements of many-many astronomers about the orbit of the moon were not wrong! And now guess what! Just make a search in the internet (now 2013) about the orbit of the moon! It is plainly written, and you will find from the most reliable sources that the moon is going away from earth about 3 cm and something per year! Now this is too much a significant change to assume that it is random result of influence of the gravitational field of the other planets as a many-body system! My guess is that it is an intervention of the Andromedean alliance, as was told to Alex Collier, that one day they might have done so, in lesser or greater measure. There is no such technology for the earthly civilization to do it, neither there is such a technology, in the earthly people called “Aryans” who live inside the moon. It is only our ignorance, and confusion, that has not highlighted such a big and clear change in the sky!
    Here is a relevant scientific publication from the Cornell University about the increase of the Moon’s orbit eccentricity, submitted in 2011.

    • just awake and aware
    • March 23, 2014

    moon once belonged to pleiadians and was used to seed life, it was then captured by draconians and put here.
    moon is no longer what it once was, it just mechanical device with AI used for control agenda.
    the way moon causes solar eclipse, its like moon has sort of taken place of Sun.

  6. Reply

    I am glad, that Alex is back, to make his presence with this article. I wish the best for him in the next. There is a lot of negative momentum based on the current monetary system (see e.g. a good perspective here : ) But on the other hand there is a lot of awakening of people, and many have changed of the older system of beliefs. Too many people now understand that the collective will is in contradiction with the happenings that are driven by the system, and the leaders E.g. People do not trust anymore he banking system. I have been reading lately the blog which contains short summaries, of many of Alex information , together, with its authors knowledge and references, that integrate and support the information by Alex with other sources of traditional earthly or recent earthly information.

    • Velassar
    • March 23, 2014

    @just awake and aware: I hope the good ETs remove the Moon today, because this shit has been going on forever on Earth (Wars, Poverty, etc) as long as the Moon, which was brought here by the evil Orions, is here. They also need to start first contact ASAP because time is running out for them and us.

    • just awake and aware
    • March 23, 2014
    • Gurtej SIngh
    • March 22, 2014

    I called them last night, and they said it ran out of fuel .So, they send 2 alien ships to Andromeda galaxy to bring back fuel. It might take 200-1000 years

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