Latest Message From Alex Collier…

I received a message from a Facebook contact today including an email message from Alex Collier:

“Things are dire and I sold my computer 8 days ago to buy food. At some point I will hit bottom and then there is only way to go, and thats up. I have not heard from the A's since March……..its very quiet. Too quiet in fact.”

So if you are able to donate anything to Alex Collier he would very much appreciate it:

You can send a money order to:

Alex Collier
151 Summer St. #292
Morrison, CO 80465

Or donate to his PayPal account (which I have heard he can access via a local library)


If, like many of us, you have nothing available to donate, maybe you could help him with your time or could just send him a message of positive energy to his emails (or send him a letter to the PO Box above), it would also be appreciated.


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    • Theresa Paulfranz
    • March 3, 2021

    Dear Alex,
    I have long believed in an androgynous double sexed culture to take the place of our dying patriarchy. I am 76 with a limp and need help to make this land into a community. It is 15 acres. Hilly, stream in the middle, house floor may not make it or be replaceable. House in a very bad place. Have two driveways.
    Lots of trees. Not rich have some money, land payed for.
    Opportunity for adventuresome person.

    • Patricia
    • April 14, 2020

    I have watched you for years and your passion always moved me. You wrote to me when I lived in North Miami, now I moved to Colorado springs. I would love to meet with you Alex!

    • David
    • April 23, 2019

    Love, food, shelter, plane tickets, family, new knowledge, assistance, a computer, if you need sponsorship that is being arranged. Short term or long term, things always change. I’m here to help. Not everyone at all. Only those who my soul has a very deep fondness for. You’re one of them. At least come for a vacation. You have shared so much. Come receive something New to help the rest of your incarnation.

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