New Message From Jon Robinson – Alex Collier’s Friend and Original Letters From Andromeda Publisher – March 24, 2014

I just received a new message from Jon Robinson, Alex’s friend and original publisher of Letters From Andromeda. I thought I’d post it to keep all of Alex Collier’s friends and fans in the loop:

Letters From Andromeda - Jon Robinson - Alex Collier


Thanks for sharing my previous email.  I wanted to address some things that I have
been reading that others feel that Alex Collier is a hoaxer.

First off, over the years I have myself encountered many aspects of his contacts
that had shown me that the Zeneate Andromedan's are very much real so as to verify
Alex as truthful.  I have shared some of the events on an article on DR. Michael
Sala's Exopolitics website.  But I can say this plainly and simply being a
experiencer myself since childhood, I know the truth of what I experience better
than anyone else and it matters not if you believe what I have to say or not for
that is your free will choice.

As for the change of his name.  Come on, he has shared that he changed his name long
ago to protect those within his family as he started to step out and share
information.  People change their names for all sorts of reasons, so just because
Alex changed his name does not automatically make him a fake.  I will say this about
the gentlemen who constantly brings this matter up to the world.  His agenda is to
promote Billy Mier and Billy is on record of stating that he and only he is the only
true contactee on the planet.  I was there when a Figu representative visiting a
long ago Los Angeles UFO conference made the statement of Billy's contacts race name
change.  That it was done to prove that all others were fakes and Billy was real.  I
have this to say.  If a race comes and wishes to share information then why must
them lie to us from the start...or did they not lie but others have done so?  Use
your free will of choice and decide for yourselves.

People like to point out that dates that Alex has shared over the years have for the
most part not come to pass as far as the events told.  This is true, but while the
Zenetae Andromedan's are time travel capable they know one very big truth.  That the
future is always in flux and can be changed by actions set in motion by others.  One
thing I have noted over the years when I worked closely with Alex was that when you
put out in advance some titbit of information of a future event and it does not
happen, then does that make the messenger and source liars or is it just the future
being in flux at work.  Again our friends, it is up to you to use your free will of
choice to choose what feels right within yourself.

Being Alex Colliers friend for many year now, I can say this.  I still do my
homework and what he has stated in his latest post so far this year is on the mark. 
Without even speaking to him about it, I myself have come up with similar thoughts
using what I know and what I see going on all around us.  Realize folks that when
Alex shares information with you he does so because he has a passion to do so
because just like myself he wants you to take the information in and research it for
yourself or choose for yourself.  That is one critical point about the Zenetae
Andromedan's that has always been true to form, they don't sugar coat there messages
and say it's all about light and love.  They are very loving beings as are many of
us as well.  They share the information and if Alex chooses to share it then we all
get an opportunity to research and then decide on our own if we stand behind what
was shared or not.  That is the Free Will of Choice that we must use more and that
the world is waking up to see to it.

Remember this our friends.  There is no right or wrong answers for all is knowledge
and it is with knowledge that each and every one of us uses to make our free will
choices. So get up and start walking the walk rather than just talking the talk. 
Show yourself and the world that each of you are true leaders that you are and not
just followers.  Know that leaders know when to lead and when to allow others to
step up and lead as well.  So let's stop trying to find fault in Alex and use your
own free will of choice to make your own difference in this world.  Believe me, Alex
Collier does not want to stand up for any type of glory that he might get from
speaking out.  He speaks out so as to simply share what he has been told.  But it is
up to each one of us to what we do with the information or not.  It's always been
your choices...always has been!

Thank you for allowing me to once again share my thoughts about my friend Alex and
our friends from beyond this world.  

Jon Robinson
Friend and Original Letters From Andromeda Publisher

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    • just awake and aware
    • April 24, 2014

    said by zsymon on

    our mind can be corrupted
    and influenced, deceived and attacked.. where as our heart is incorruptible.

    Our heart is what connects our soul to our body, it is what connects us to
    our higher self and to the Universe. Our heart is the connection with our
    truth and with the Light.. as long as we keep using our minds to discern,
    we will always be able to be deceived.

    Our mind is a tool we use to solve math problems, but it is useless when it
    comes to life and spirituality. Our mind has no connection with the Universe
    and with the truth within this existence.. the vast majority of people in the
    world still use their minds to discern, and as long as they keep doing that
    they will never find their intended path, and they will never fulfill their

    Our mind CAN NEVER discern the truth.. it is UNABLE to do this. Our mind
    can only guess, it can never feel the truth.. only our heart can do this.

    Everything depends on the heart, without the heart there is just an empty
    life. To awaken, to remember, to find our truth and our knowledge, we have
    to silence our mind and listen to our heart.

    We have to find a way to let our heart speak much louder than our brain,
    so we can hear its wisdom above the chaos of our mind. Without following
    the guidance of our heart, we will be lost.

    We don’t incarnate to gather knowledge and understanding.. we incarnate
    to fulfill our purpose of service to others. We incarnate to help those who
    need our help, and to reach our full potential within this work, we don’t need
    knowledge or truth, we need to remember who we are. We already have all
    the knowledge that we need, we just have to reconnect with it, and that is
    not possible by reading books, that is only possible by listening to our heart.

    Ignoring the heart and using our mind is exactly what got us into this mess
    in the first place. Everyone uses their mind, no one listen to their heart, just
    like you claim it should be. But consider this, if you were right, everyone
    would already be awakened.. because they’re already doing what you claim
    must be done.. they’re ignoring their heart and only using their mind.

    1. Reply

      Holy s%i^ batman, someone is incredibly awake here, Absolutely very good to see, now we just need more people like it, Thank goodness someone shares the same feelings as I do, good to hear and see.


    • just awake and aware
    • April 19, 2014
    • Velassar
    • April 18, 2014

    I will make sure that ET first contact happens before the end of this month of April 2014. Guys, let’s focus all of our thoughts on that and the good ETs will have to respond and finally conduct first contact. We can do this! We have the power to change our reality now! Let’s build a new and better world with our ET friends.

      • Gurtej SIngh
      • April 18, 2014

      I am sure you are 24 year OLD Virgin. Dude enjoy life man

  1. Reply

    I hope the universe is aware of what I am typing which I think they are :), its time to stop looking at everyone like enemies, at one point, its going to crumble, a new direction will start to emerge.

    oh btw, looks like I have another implant looking thingy on my left arm bicep area, small dark looking mark.

    Do I believe some of us agreed to come back here at this time? Yes, Do I believe that we are getting help along the way? Absolutely yes, Is someone going to save or rescue us by going to our good for nothing knees, shakin’ our bad ghetto booty and smackin’ our palms in like a praying type fashion and putting it in the air??? You all better think many times over on this, ask yourself, what do you learn from being rescued? Absolutely nothing.

    I do understand that there is some kind of protocol in effect if some kind of chaos does ensue in our future but your vibration has to match of those who are helping you, otherwise your stuck, but in the end, dont count or bet on it, if you all think there is going to be a rapture of any kind, you all will be very disappointed men,women and childern…

    Please wake up humanity, see for own world in its present condition for yourself, look at the present consciousness condition on this planet, look at the technology and its direction where its heading at the same time our present spiritual condition, we are absolutely out of time, if people really wants to change, now is the time, because once this shit comes down, lol, EVERYONE just about will become ALL about themselves..

    • just awake and aware
    • April 15, 2014

    First of all we need to get out of reincarnation cycle! few reincarnations here if fine but too many are not. too much of anything is never good.
    don’t go into any tunnel of light at death. instead proceed with freeing yourself of whatever artificial that might be put on your 4D astral self including kundalini, chakras, implants, etc. i think we would be easily able to see these things put on our astral self.
    while living let go of any beliefs, attachments, you can keep doing what you currently might be doing, just don’t get too attached or make it your everything.
    letting go of doesn’t mean you should forget. accept everything you are and have done lifetime after lifetime, both good and bad. and move forward and beyond judgement.
    also karma might be a 4D paradigm and part of the problem.
    if we are kept in dark in 3D, there is no reason why we wont be kept in dark in 4D.

    • Velassar
    • April 15, 2014

    I agree with that. We should remember our past lives. Earth is really a prison planet, and we deserve to avenge ourselves by punishing those who forces us to incarnate into our current lives without letting us remember our past lives. It is time to rebel and vengeance against our jailers! Damn the Orions, Greys and Reptilians!

    1. Reply

      Not everyone is bad, its just the direction that they all have all chosen, but still, it doesnt matter to me, they are all still my brothers and my sisters and there is nothing that I can do to change that, we all came from the source at one point, everyone is not on the same evolutionary scale, some might have different body types, and so on, but no one is better or lesser then anyone else, regardless of age,and so on, infact we are all equal, plain and simple, we have to STOP looking at people in general and thinking we are enemies, shit needs to stop, doesn’t matter orion,dracs,ciakars,greys, DOES NOT MATTER…

      There is nothing I can do to change that because we are all one with the universe, people have to understand this.

    1. Reply

      Read where it says:

      You are NOT here for any ”purpose” – you are here because you are TRAPPED, in the ILLUSIONS and PROGRAMMING. The only time you will “ascend” or go “further” is when you realize this and manage to keep your awareness with you at the time of death. The only thing you will learn here is what deception, lies and illusions really are – not because you are “supposed to”, but because you have been forced to.

      I totally disagree with that statement, “your NOT here for any purpose”????

      We are here for a reason, no one forced us to be here, we here or chose to come back at this time frame for specific reasons(e.g. karma,etc,etc)..

        • just awake and aware
        • April 15, 2014

        “your NOT here for any purpose” < i too disagree with that statement.
        we are here for for some purpose of learning whatever we planned before incarnating here.
        Everything that happens in 4D/3D and below is orchestrated by our higher self in 5D and future has already happened according to George Kavassilas.
        if that is true, everything we are doing right now was already planned by your higher self long ago. though not sure how long, could be eons ago.
        I don't believe losing memories of past life is natural and i think Earth is both School and Prison Planet. 3D/4D is realm of duality. Anyway we all have our reasons for being here as everything is planned by your higher self in 5D and everyone will ascend when the time is right and merge with your 5D self.

    2. Reply

      Also where it says:

      Reincarnation and physical existence has nothing to do with learning, and Earth is not a School but a Prison. It was forced upon us. If we were here to
      learn it would only be logical that we remembered our past lives so we would not do the same mistakes over and over again thus fail to progress spiritually.

      Some might disagree with this statement.

    • Brett kimbell
    • April 6, 2014

    If you live in america then please go to this website

    join the petition or participate to get money out of politics and save our democracy

    • Antoinette Galloway
    • April 6, 2014

    The (above mentioned) radio talk show with Alex Collier was aired last year on February 20, 2013. It was a program called Ever Beyond with radio host Jay Perron. You can find it listed on this website under the heading of Audio Interviews. Hope this helps…..

  2. Reply

    When was this aired:

    Sounds like the newest Alex Collier radio talk.

    I been through like ALL Collier stuff, this one I have never heard of…

  3. Reply

    Forgot, this one too:

    God(Source) bless…

  4. Reply

    Also Read this:

    & this too:

    Read everything…

    Stay in Harmony with the earth:

    – MaelstromExceptions

    • Brett kimbell
    • April 3, 2014

    Ground at yellow stone is raised by 10 inch and earthquake on march 30th indicates that eruption is imminent. If it erupts it will end this world as we know it. I hope all the ufo people were not referring to yellow stone, when it comes to the Earth changes.

    1. Reply

      Go to my channel Mr. Kimbell, simply by clicking on my username on this site, then it will link to my utube channel, click on the about tab on my front page, it should say how many approx of earth changes I have seen and what it consist of, I have seen many.

  5. Reply

    you all, Review alex collier 1994(His first known video at the time), and listen absolutely carefully where says in the video:

    Do you know we are the “ONLY” race in our galaxy that people starve, that people are homeless…

    Even the Draconian race, they take care of their own, they down sell people on the street all because of “PAPER”(Money/$$$), they only value what we think it is.

    You all, just stop for moment and just think, doesnt matter true or not, listen to that bold statement.

    Also in his earlier compendium, he also mentions:

    Only race(Earth/Terrans) that people are in poverty

    Only race(Earth/Terrans) That put people in slavery.

    Only race(Earth/Terrans) that let people starve.

    Only race(Earth/Terrans) that people are homeless.

    This is from me:

    “And people is all on their knees and shaking their big booty and saying oh my lord or whoever, please save me or help me and guess what folks, neither of them are coming and I wonder why???”

    Over 3/4 of the Benevolent Et’s races wants absolutely nothing to do with us and lets focus on those 3 reasons:

    They dont respect(Honor) themselves

    They dont respect(Honor) each other

    they dont respect(Honor) their own planet

    What is their value???

    Lets look at the “Earth”, Lets look at ourselves today, has it changes any???

    “Alex Collier”

      • just awake and aware
      • April 3, 2014

      True. We are the only race that is so fkd up.
      but it is possible to stop and change the way we live with some real basic education.
      yet people find it better to rely on Gov, Bankers, Corporations, religion, Organizations, etc. to save them. Don’t rely on ET’s either to save you. save yourself.
      stop paying taxes, its like paying rent for living on this planet.
      problem is that few are taking responsibility for many.
      but main problem is education system which is based on ones ignorance and teaches horse load stuff that is of no use in daily life plus all those lies in history books yet people still pay/donate for it because status quo and fear of ridicule by society.
      if only everyone grew their own food, made their own electricity via free energy tech, new tech were equally shared with everyone, children were taught real education from beginning, etc. we wouldn’t be in this mess otherwise.

      i am sure most ET’s live in complete harmony with their own race.
      no wonder they are very advanced evenly in technologically and spiritually.

      1. And they are already here(ET’S), and if we ask because of our free will, will you please save us, then we asked for it and we have gotten exactly what we deserved, because we didn’t take responsibility as a race, to fix our problems and to deal with our own problems, we keep looking outside of ourselves, this is why Andromedans so strong about us growing up and really taking responsibility for it.

        Many reasons why if we are rescued, this is the reasons.

        #1. If we are rescued, we don’t permanently evolve ourselves.

        #2. We don’t take responsibility, if something goes wrong, we can always blame it on them(ET’S).

        #3 It just doesn’t change our reality, it changes their reality as well.

        #4. The A’s and most of the other benevolent et’s races, they dont have to come down here and baby sit, us, its not their job, its not their job at all.

        #5. Look how we treated our earth, look how we trashed it ourselves.

        Why should we come down here and save/help you when you don’t even help yourself or even make the effort.

        “Alex Collier & Andromedan race)

    • just awake and aware
    • April 1, 2014

    this could help you out with ascension 🙂

      1. Very interesting about the removal of the chakras, thanks a bunch.

        I dont trust anyone or any information unless you can prove without a shadow of a doubt that it is true.

        There is defint a battle between good vs evil, no doubt about it, I think most of this battling is within ourselves, fear and love are just banging against each other and its growing every single minute.

      2. Also folks, look up:

        Gopi Krishna, Hes also on my utube front page, take alook.

        • just awake and aware
        • April 2, 2014
        • just awake and aware
        • April 2, 2014
    • Daniel
    • April 1, 2014

    we all have past lives here on this planet earth. believe it or not but you could have been a very intelligent scientist who worked on terraforming planets, creating new life forms, creating new medicine, growing and researching new food to be created that is healthier for all. we could have been anything in the life before we become human on this rock. i am also going to point that there are some of us that are still showing up here. what do i mean? well i mean that many of us though we are human on earth does not mean we arrived here about 2,000 years ago or so on but actually some of us may have just arrived from another race and are now dealing with all this new stuff and completely unaware of how to live on such a world. i can tell you i have not been to well off on planet earth at all. i have been wondering in metaphorical circles trying to learn who i am and what i was before all of this. these memories might not be accessible due to the genetic manipulation that has occurred on this planet but that does not mean that your memories are gone. they are still there but they are in a part of you that you may not be able to reach when stuck in this form and thats your soul/spirit/life force (what ever you want to call it). these words may not at all be worth anything to you but it is something that i ask that you at least keep in the back of your mind so that you know that you are not just this person. you are a soul and with that soul comes many, many years of experience with other races. we already have most of the information in our heads; we know this we just don’t know how to tap into any of it yet. i will admit there are some out there that have learned this but many of them will more often than not go into hiding due to the aggressive nature of the corrupted on this planet. we all must make a effort to get these memories out rather than just sitting there day dreaming, hoping something will come by to just wake us up. we all must band together and make a conscious effort and say “I am more than this, I have so much experience and i just need to unlock it”. if we don’t make the first move no one will. be ready my friends because as we learn about ourselves we must also be ready to become open to each other. we must not let the dark ones take away our sovereignty

      • just awake and aware
      • April 2, 2014

      its not just genetic manipulation that causes not able to remember past lives, there is also energetic barrier that blocks one from remembering past lives. it would be the chakras and kundalini. the 7 seals that limits you from accessing your eternal essence. your central core/Sun around heart/solar plexus area is your path to your true higher self and eternal essence. not crown chakra. think of you central core/Sun as your singularity just like one would think of our Galaxy Center/Solar System Sun as singularity and chakras are 4d astral implants that are there to suppress you.

        • just awake and aware
        • April 2, 2014

        we have been hidden from ourselves for a long time
        its time to break free. don’t get caught up with 4d/rainbow paradigm. stay balanced. 🙂

    • Jagan McTavven
    • April 1, 2014

    I would agree with Mr.Robinson for the most part, though many of Alex’s statements have not been accurate as for regards to the information. I noticed there in a couple of his early videos he alters his story with the A’s a bit. Like the time his past lives were being viewed he at first in 1994 says a ball, then changes it to a probe like a cap or a yamaka that showed it all? Then he speaks in 95 he speaks of the Pleiadian’s who face genetic breakdown in a million years then changes it to like a hundred later on? And finally his Irish accent which to me even if he was a fraud or not wasn’t the best thing to manipulate? That I think hurt him the worst? Anyway the good part is though there are a lot of things that still hold him stable as authentic (as to me anyway) and that was about his Andromedan death..I have a feeling that I may hold the key to it, when I last heard him speak on wolf spirit radio, he spoke of what happened to him I had this memory of a dream that I had back in the mid to late 90’s occur like a flashback. Instantly I recalled chasing after a relatively short archonic being or entity, from what I purpose had obtained vital information, in which I was a soldier or constable of some sort guarding part of a rocky somewhat subterranean structure in the halls there were archways and after many attempts to chase the lil punk away I began to open fire on him using a weird device not like a gun more like a scepter or rod. And in the distance as I was firing, (though I don’t exactly remember if he returned fire as well) He took cover along the archways and in each of those archways was a alcove many of which were enclosed some not. He managed to slip away because another larger being ran directly across the area and got trapped. I had out of desperation to take them both out by firing two shots at them in order to take them. But apparently I failed and the one I didn’t want dead was hit, as he fell I quickly began to run to where I thought he was hiding and to my surprise he was gone. Then turning my attention to the other I walked up to his body where two others were kneeling over him to check his vitals, and I asked of his condition, and they mentioned that it was to late the blow was fatal. In disgust I spent the day combing the outside the walls of the structure where it was all rocks and boulders I rested that day under the sun in total frustration and disgust for my actions and my failure as well. Now I know that it’s hard to believe me by telling you this, but who’s to say? Alex has a hard time proving himself without hard proof, and in this case I would also, you’dd think I was a story writer or something? But to me That indirectly connects me to Alex. Though unfortunate in circumstance he speaks of 62,000 years ago which this if it is true means I was there as well? there are so many out there who are linked like this that you won’t know anything unless you hear it from another that there is more to us than we thought? So Alex or whichever his name is, may indeed hold some of the answers we all seek. And one last note His prison sentence is based on the IRS not the drugging/raping his wife, if he did that he would’ve ended up in a state pen not a federal. What Mr. Horne posted was federal therefore was convicted of a federal crime. Which Alex spoke of in conclusion to his jail time. I support that as well! Even if he’s not 100% honest, he still a value to all of us, and as long as the rest is valid as far as the information on Earth goes then there really shouldn’t have to be any reason for him to have to prove anything, as long as we all collectively know!

    1. Reply

      Yes I have noticed the contradictions, one time he says spiritually they are this many years ahead of us, then next lecture its different, which one is it please?

      Whats the reasoning behind the contradictions?? To protect himself?? Thats my only guess.

      Then on one lecture, he says on march 23rd of 1994, 12 density layer was added to our universe, then on one of his lecture, he states in 1993 If I remember correctly, I am so confused, so many contradictions however what he says about our present consciousness on this planet, and many other social aspect is 100% true, Do I believe he had contact of somesort?? Absolutely, I know they are here because I had first hand experiences, so contact with beings not from here is no b.s., that I can tell you 100%.

    • Brett kimbell
    • March 31, 2014

    Here is my analysis on Tolec.

    1. No ascension, no contact, no brown-dwarf, no 23.5 axis change, no xantrexx, basically nothing happened in 2013.

    2. He said his soul is from dakote in taygeta start from Pleiades star system but Pleiades is only 250 million years old and it is surround by dense blue plasma clouds , which makes it too hot to sustain any life. He said erra is their main planet out of four, but erra is not in pleiades but is a plejaren planet from star “tayget” not taygeta.

    3. He said after failed prediction of 2014, that one 4d day is equal to 75 earth years. If ascension happens in early jan 2014(1st to 10th) then according to him it is like from now to 750 years.

    4. His alien planet/people name rhymes a lot

    5. Now he is saying it will take 10-12 years to transition, basically he is asking more time to fool people.

    I know there are real contactee’s but it is people like tolec that gives the a bad name. Avoid parasites lie these

    • Lord Chrishek
    • March 30, 2014

    I have orbs following everywhere i go a cluster of them always apear at night.

    • Dude
    • March 30, 2014

    Anyway, I dont seem to believe Collier’s stories because of that 3rd Dec, which is nothing happened at all but his stories were amazing n made sense. I just want to know where the hell is Collier now, how is he been doing and are there any new contacts from Andromedans to him? After 3rd Dec, no more interviews from him? Even though his stories doesnt seem to be accurate but I just find his stories kind of made sense and want to know what had happened to MH370 missing, I guess Andromedans seem to know.

    1. Reply

      There is no stone set date, people have to remember this, Nostradamus Did mention about nexus points, and we are basically probably beyond that point where we need to make a clear decision as humanity in which direction should we choose, it all depends on our consciousness, what we choose will have major consequences.

      Someone also that I talked to, that have sightings all the time, high awareness, shes telling me that by end of this year, biggest solar storm, next year is prettie much hell, What do I believe??? I see no later then 2017, 2017 = mainly consciousness and spirituality changes, major perceptions overhaul, people will look back and say: my god, look at the world that we all created…

    • Velassar
    • March 28, 2014

    A former NORAD officer said that he has information that an Extraterrestrial Council will address the United Nations in the year 2014. Read here for more info >>>

    1. Reply

      Look at all thoses – posts, jeez, not very good eh.

      Still, think for yourself people, come to your own conclusion.

      Sightings are defint getting worse, Orbs,etc all over the place over here, inbetween trees, ground level, etc.

      Many many orbs on ground level, trees, etc. Its going to get mad interesting thats for sure..

    • christine
    • March 26, 2014

    I just send my appreciation and support! (wish it could be financial).

    Alex, Your words and your sincere convenance of them are still waking us up out here… the Tribe is gathering!

    I haven’t even stepped into my own shoes fully yet, and I get all manner of weird, heavy distortions and infiltrations of challenging energies, etc.

    So, I can only imagine what you more “out there” folks are dealing with!

    Love and Beauty be with You!!!


  6. Reply

    Well said and first post. 🙂

    There is many contactee’s right now but I bet alot of them dont want to come foward due to ridicule, and many others along with it, its very hard.

    The ufo’s are real, government knows it, I know it(daily sightings and personal experiences), the ancient knows it, this is no longer a discussion, just like collier said: What matter is, why are they here and what can we learn from this experience.

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