What do you think CERN’s real purpose is?

Jay Pee: Okay, I'm trying to group some questions here. You might find a composite question here, but this is about CERN. Tomorrow, they're cranking the thing up. They're spinning two magnetic fields in opposite directions, which we all know opens a dimensional portal. How do you think CERN will play out and do you know their intention because, as you say, the lie is different at every level? What are the different levels they are lying to us on? What do you think is their true intention for this?

Alex: For CERN?

Jay Pee: Yeah, for CERN.

Alex: As far as the lie on different levels, I'm not sure exactly what they've been told, but I believe, this is my personal opinion, is that they have been given a toy and that they really think that they're looking for something else even though it may turn out to be something else. I believe that they have given us many toys we didn't know what to do or how to use, knowing that we are enormously curious and driven to want to learn more. They have taken advantage of that sometimes, and we may be messing with something we absolutely shouldn't. I will tell you this if something goes very severely awry or goes wrong, don't be surprised if it just shuts down or breaks down, or they take the whole thing away. It just like, goes away – it vanishes.

They are not going to. The benevolents I am talking about will not let these idiots do something stupid that hurts all of us or even harms other star systems and races. It creates other problems within third density. They're trying to patch it up, heal it, and raise its frequency. They're not going to let anyone interfere with that any longer. So, we'll have to see. We'll have to see how it plays out. I honestly don't know at this point. I was told that they are trying to merge timelines, and that simply isn't going to be allowed. It's already been shut down.

Jay Pee: Thank you. It is merging timelines. Is this to do with what Dan Burisch was talking about several years ago, the Project Yellow Book?
Where they had this device so they could look into the future, it kept flickering from one future to another. All very different futures. Is that what you're talking about just then?

Alex: Yes, yes, those were artificial timelines.

Okay, where we are is an original, real-time timeline. This is where the changes are going to be. This is where we are going to evolve. In other words, they will not let anybody out of here trying to escape, okay? This is where it ends for the regressive forces that are here. It ends in this timeline.

Jay Pee: Does that mean that it ends the future that everybody was living in … aaaaahhhh …

Alex: Well, what future is that? We are creating it as we speak.

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