Do the Andromedans have universal rules, intentions, and agreements?

Jay Pee: Do The Andromedans refer to Universal Law such as Universal rules of intentions and agreements – and I think he means something like the “Prime Directive” as in Star Trek?

Alex: No, not exactly. I’ve never heard it that way, or I’ve never necessarily heard them use the expression “universal law” because, you know, they’re telepathic. Their language is far more extensive than ours.

They would not refer to it that way other than the fact that they realize that we are all interconnected. If you remember early in the information, when I first started speaking 25 years ago, the reason they all showed up or began showing attention to our solar system is that tyranny shows up in their future. No, I think they genuinely care about evolving races, but they also, whether they’re benevolent or not, have their agendas too. You know, they’re all looking for their own best self-interests, and if it’s in their self-interest to help us to make us evolve because it’s going to make everyone else more robust and more accessible, which is the way they choose to live, then I think that’s where they are going to go. That’s precisely what I believe. Do I know every single intention? I don’t know, but I know they are here to help. Many of the other races involved are committed to seeing this program through to make sure that this albatross that’s been around our neck for thousands and thousands and thousands of years is released is ended. At this point, they’re pretty much in awe of us, and I think they genuinely want to see us be able to stand on our own two feet, you know, speaking in that way.

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