Do the Andromedans work with Reptilians to help humanity?

Jay Pee: Do The Andromedans ever work with the Reptilians for the good of humanity? You know, do they have a bad rap? Are there some good ones?

Alex: Yes, there are. Yeah, some good ones vibrate at a higher frequency.

They’re not all bad. Many of the lower levels have, at one time or another, rebelled because they didn’t want to go along with the program as they were going in and invading other star systems. The reptilians were becoming enslaved. At some point, many realized that their life directly reflected what they were doing to others. What they were looking at as far as a suppressed race is precisely who they have become.

So yeah, the game of fear, dominance, control, using other races as a natural resource – that’s all coming to an end. Unfortunately, the remnants of all that old empire stuff or, you know, whatever you want to call it – Orion war stuff, the rest of it being cleaned up now, is in our third-density frequency band.

Jay Pee: Excellent, thank you.

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