Can you comment on AI trying to invade our minds?

Jay Pee: Can you comment on the Andromedan perspective on using artificial intelligence on our planet in our galaxy in the universe? As a result, can you talk about the artificial intelligence that is trying to invade our minds?

Alex: Okay, great question. I understand that artificial intelligence can be used and is used on some level. Still, its interaction with humanity is somewhat limited in the sense that when you are doing. Whether it’s mining or terraforming or ship repair, building a craft. Or let’s say you have a ship. Here’s a perfect example – let’s use the Black Knight satellite, okay? The one that was broken had something artificial. What they would have done is used artificial intelligence to go out and repair the ship. Because even though they may have a biological body, they can still function that way and go to very extreme regions of space or very hostile environments to go in and perform a mission, okay? But their roles are minimal, and so is their programming. It isn’t where they would go out and say, “you go out and create a universe” – or you go out and create a planet. So the level of artificial intelligence that is involved in our galaxy now, the only thing I know, the only thing I could ever get out of them, was that the black knight satellite was brought here from someplace else, and it was not supposed to be here. ______ was an invasion.

Jay Pee: How have we coped with the invasion or just absorbed it, or is it latent? What’s the state of play with that?

Alex: Oh no, it’s out in the open now, but it took a long time for everybody to recognize it because they were hiding, but they all know now, and you know, some of it has a place. It is not by its very nature benign. I mean regressive. But if it’s tweaked by someone to create it to do harm or to suppress or to kill, that’s a whole different story, okay? But artificial intelligence had to have been made in the beginning by a non-artificial intelligence source. It’s programmed. It’s programmed initially by someone who has a soul.

Jay Pee: And is this what they call the “black goo”?

Alex: My understanding is that is, well, I don’t know that all artificial intelligence is a black goo, so no, I would say no. But people have seen the black goo – and I know they discovered it in the Falklands underground, and the Dark Knights use it. That is artificially intelligent software. That’s what that is; it’s liquid software.

Jay Pee: Yes, and very interesting. Thank you for that.

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