What do you think of “Wave X”?

Jay Pee: What is your or The A’s perspective on what has been called “Wave X”?

Alex: Okay, well, I don’t technically know about Wave X.

Jay Pee: Well, they’re referring to the Photon Belt or the “thing that we’re doing”…you know…

Alex: That’s exactly right, and we’re already in it. Not to mention that when benevolent ships come in close to the earth, and they burn those holes in the electronic fences that are trying to isolate us from the rest of the galaxy, we get galactic energy through those holes as well. So, the “good guys” are putting a full-court press on the regressive power here. What they are trying to do is they can’t. Some of the groups agreed to leave, and they did. Still, there are those hard-core groups – they won’t, so the only way to get them to go without harming humanity or blowing everybody’s mind is to raise the vibration of the planet and humankind itself and starve them, so they have to leave. They have nowhere to go, or they’re going to die. They’re just going to die here.

Jay pee: So when you have a parasite, you starve its food, which is how to eliminate the reptilians you don’t fund them. You don’t pay them any attention. You don’t give them the “loosh” that they are draining.

Alex: Sure.

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