How do 4D reptilians come to 3D and look human?

Jay Pee: Alright, here's a question about 4D and 3D. How do reptilians from the 4D come and stay in the 3D, and how can they look like humans?

Alex: Well, they have technology that creates a holograph around them, and my understanding is what they do, they will use certain genetic lines that are reptilian – specific body forms, body types that's what they will do to make themselves appear natural. Some can't physically be here, but what they will do is they will attach themselves spiritually to someone. It's typically someone who is a significant drug user, such as heroin, morphine, things that were their body, soul, and energy field is fragile. What they will do is attach to that and then will feed off of that. I'm talking attachment, a spiritual attachment.

That's a very complicated answer, but they do, they do. But you know what, as we start going through the plasma field and the earth's vibration rises, they will not be able to sustain themselves. The world has grown enough that some have already had to leave. They couldn't support themselves in this environment.

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