Are the Andromedans in touch with the earth as a being?

Jay Pee: Oh, this is a beautiful question from Marie. Are The Andromedans in touch with the earth as a being, and how may be best align with Her wishes for Herself and humanity?

Alex: By being quiet, by being still, by actually just engaging, you know, in whatever method that you choose to do. If you encounter and connect to your soul, you will automatically join Her because there's a symbiotic relationship. We're all connected anyway. It's just not focusing on the white noise. Instead, it's focusing on what you feel and how you think. It's wanting joy, and you know, there's a million ways to do that, to connect to the earth. You have to want to do it, you know, ask, ask yourself. Your self already knows most of the answers.

Most of us don't listen – we're listening to our subconscious all the time, and all it's paying attention to is the white noise because that's what it's vibrating to. We need to raise our vibrations and start tuning into a resonance that brings us joy, that allows us the space to focus on what we want, not on what we don't want.

Jay Pee: So, do you think everyone should just…

Alex: The answer is yes.

They all understand that the earth is a living being. Even the regressives and AI, they know that.

They can't truly identify because they don't have a soul, but they realize it's a consciousness. What they do is try to tweak it. They try to tweak it to fit their mould, their agenda by doing things to it, suppressing the energy or attempting to harm it in some way so that it will respond to what their wishes are. That's how it works.

Jay Pee: Some might describe that as changing the planet's geometry. Could that be spoken like that, like a distortion of the geometry?

Alex: Yeah, uhuh. Yes, that's a perfect analogy. You know, if a soul is placed in a body one way and you're able to tweak it just a little bit, then that body is stressed.

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