Do you think an economic collapse is imminent with the frequency rise?

Jay Pee: How can we disempower the money system on a personal level, any suggestions from The A’s? But then there’s also, do you feel an economic collapse is imminent with the elevation of frequencies? So, can you tell us about the process of money and how it’s going to transform our space and how we can make it change in our area? How’s that as a question?

Alex: The way money was set up, it was set up as a control mechanism or a medium of exchange. It lost its fairness to do good a long time ago, at least on the big picture. Now, it’s all about creating debt, which is control.

Now is there an economic collapse? I hear about it as well. I also hear about the new currency system coming in. I think there’s a lot of truth to both of those things. I believe there is a new system coming in that’s asset-backed, and I think that the fiat currency system is going away, and it has to because it’s not real. I believe that as humanity evolves consciously. We will begin to realize we don’t need money, that money is not necessary for us to live with each other, or that we will create another way that doesn’t give someone else control over our everyday life. Because as it is now, governments and banks control everything we do and do their best to outlaw everyday life.

Everything we do could be a crime, and for what? Why do something like this? It’s all about control.

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