Do you think we can volunteer to be mentored to help humanity during this shift?

Jay Pee: In your previous interviews, you discussed mentorship with beneficial ETs or Andromedans. Do you think some of us waking up now can volunteer to be mentored to help humanity during this coming shift?

Alex: Absolutely! The groups, and it’s not just The A’s, it’s many other groups, they wouldn’t want it any other way because they have to do it this way for humanity to be invested in the future of humanity, okay? It’s just, I believe we’re behind schedule here, a little bit behind schedule – but that’s precisely how it’s going to be. Now, there are clusters. There are star groups or soul groups of people who come from different places. I mean, you know your soul wasn’t created on earth. This is not your first lifetime in physicality. No one here. You know you choose your level of consciousness to come in here and have an experience. That’s what it is, and no denial will ever change that.

People have chosen a specific path, a group of lessons, experiences, etc., and that’s what it is, and that’s how it’s going to work. So yes, people, as this thing progresses. However, that’s going to be, yes, people will be allowed to do that. It won’t happen any other way.

Jay Pee: Thank you. This is like bringing together all the star groups, you know, all the people spreading out as a kind of tree network of people who are awakening each other that’s the feeling anyway…one mentor and then another mentor a group, and they mentor others.

Alex: That’s exactly right. Those who know, they can teach what they know. If you just read it in a book, you can’t. You only know about it. That’s how it works, you know.

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    • Tina Joyce
    • August 7, 2022

    I would like to become volunteer, I am a quantum life coach.

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