What can we do to help Alex Collier?…

We have a great number of devoted fans and followers who visit every day. What can we do to help Alex Collier?

I’d like your ideas and input in order to see that Alex Collier makes enough money to keep a roof over his head. You may have noticed that I put up some ads on the site to see what could be generated by them, unfortunately Google Adsense and Clickbank affiliate products have netted about $15 in total since I put them up. Hardly enough to keep this site running independently than keep a roof over someone’s head. We currently generate about 17,000 unique visits every month, mainly from returning visitors … we could increase this substantially.

I am thinking if we can create something sustainable that can generate between $750 and $1000 a month, that should cover his rent.

What are some of your ideas?

I’d like to hear your ideas on what we can do to help Alex Collier…

An idea I had was that some of us have some great real life and true experiences relating to contact with other beings and other esoteric subjects that many people would love to hear about. Also, some of us have hobbies and jobs that are related to esoteric topics. It could be possible to create an ebook of these stories and knowledge that people would pay to read. It would be great to get 20-30 people to write something. Those interested in creating the book could write 1500 to 2000 words of content and we could compile it into an ebook or a Kindle book and put it up for sale not only on the site but elsewhere and then promote the book to others with all revenues going to Alex Collier. This could expand in the future into a membership site of knowledge, information, videos, audio, interviews, articles and other unique content. The site could be interactive with a forum, and maybe a weekly radio show.

Let me know your thoughts on this and any other ideas you have in the comments section below…


James Harkin
On behalf of AlexCollier.Org


328 Responses to “What can we do to help Alex Collier?…”

  1. Kis Jancsi says:

    Hello Alex,

    If you need money, why can’t you just ask the Andromedians to give you some, or tell them telepathically what your intentions are with this planet, and I don’t see why they can’t support you financially as well. Of course if your stories are true and not just made up by you, then this could be a problem.

  2. Dale says:

    I am so new to this site that my ink will smug. I follow TOLEC and COBRA blogs intently and only tuned into this blog because TOLEC recommended Alex. I don’t know how adept Alex is but if he is capable of doing a reading on individuals such as their life plan or health problems like Edgar Casey use to do, I would gladly alter my monthly budget and pay as much as $150 for such information.

  3. Selmir M.1984 says:

    Alex says that the Time up there is not same to us…one month here is one or two minutes up there so when they say emedietley it will happend they mean a few minutes so it is maybe a few months on earth..time is not time up there it happend 2014 also they say it happens the event is not far away only it needs kay ewents to happend and we make every day another future to us on those things how we do and reakt …just find your Consciousness and let it growth it will happend when the right time comes ,is not so far away..for those it is a few minutes and for us a few months…Thanks

  4. Selmir M.1984 says:

    Hi..I am lso with my family in the position and is wery hard…and i will donate what i can and every time i can donate i will to help alex because what i see he isso an incredible good soul an goodman…i will ask do somebody now how is alex and his family going at this time is he ok or what is happening..
    Thanks…and i hope all will be ok

  5. TB says:

    I promised that I’d donate $100 per prediction that Alex Collier got right. His last prediction, dec. 3, was wrong again. When will he actually hit one out of the ball park?

  6. Ken says:

    I am in the same position as Damian in the last comment. The fear is real but I try to deal with it. The feeling of being left being can be frightening. I have tried to assemble people together to share knowledge and information to help each other access our potential and raise our awareness, but I am met with too much apathy. I feel really alone. Can you help me with this delima? Thanks, Ken

  7. Damian says:

    I am really stuck on what to do, I found out this whole ordeal 5 or 6 days ago, and confused on how to awaken myself. I understand it has passed 2013, so does that mean everyone that was awakened has moved to the 4th density and we are left behind? I shouldn’t be scared learning the truth but I am afraid of being left behind, I don’t if that is a good feeling but it is still a fear. I just need to know what to do if that’s okay, if we only have each other than we should help each other out as best as we can, so please give a direction on what to do and how to awaken myself. Thank you.

  8. j.monroy says:

    Hi. I send a mail to and it say invalid

    (ED: If you wish to contact please use the appropriate form: Click Here and that will be sent to us here at

  9. LOVE says:

    Dear bro Alex and the Andromedan awake us from unenlightened fools
    SO.Why can’t we just donate 1$? only 1$ !!!!

  10. Helen says:

    I am a writer and am happy to do anything I can to help Alex and his family. I could contribute to a book. Alex has been going through very difficult times and we should all help where we can for a man who has given so much of his life to help us understand.
    Would you be interested in putting my book on the site and keep any proceeds? it is in e format. It is the story of my own awakening and I have drawn on the information that Alex has shared with us. The book is about my own life, my take on things and my interaction with A Horse Called Moses.
    Please let us keep Alex safe and happy, he deserves so much more.
    With love to all and gratitude to a very special man.

  11. hardkur says:

    u shuld accept donations in Bitcoins ,and other cryptocurencies , they help throw down monetary system wich is good for the cause , and they are realy profitable, and there is a lot of antropeneurs that just look where put they resources . much love ! keep good work !

  12. A says:

    When I think of all the different things happening on the planet right now…..I mean ALL …the variety of everything on this planet right now….the people, the things people do in their countries around the world, the things that rule our lives….the things that drive the majority of the population…a 9 to 5…money…school…college…university….job…blah blah blah…grow old….die..the corporates, the governments, the religions, the distractions….

    I’m going crazy…..

    How are we we gonna set aside these differences and distractions and come together for a new way of life….Every time I think of this I lose hope….Maybe we are not gonna make it by ourselves…

    • dude says:

      I dont really think we can do it by ourselves, we are the babies soul of the universe. We just cant, because all we wake up is think about money money money, work, food, survival and play toys.

      • AMEN to that, AMEN.

        But I do believe what collier said once eariler, we were at a higher plane at one time then had chose to come back to this 3rd density level, Why?? I guess whatever we do here, effect everything up like a domino effect, if your at the very top already, it wouldn’t effect downwards since your at the top.

        I could be wrong but make sense, 3rd density(lowest) whatever we do now, effects everything upwards.

      • dude says:

        vortex, when are you going to learn to stop believing in such craps spewed out by collier or tolec, etc.? almost all their predictions were never happened at all. i believed collier at one time after his prediction about 9/11 and tsunami but then since his 3rd Dec prediction had failed to give us hope, i had alr stopped believing his crap anymore, so when are you going to learn to stop being gullible moron? your just like Solar Guardian, and stop thinking you r the chosen ones, or whatever ancient souls, because you are definitely not, why? you’ve showed yourself here being too arrogant and egoistic, and that applies to all of us too. we are definitely not old souls/evolved souls or whatever, bcos if we are, we would have already start seeing things changed to a better one and start doing things right, not sit infront of computer and type, type, type words to think that we have already helped out, LOL to that!

    • LOVE says:

      “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

      I can change my world .And i refuse to accept reality created by others

  13. A says:

    I really miss Alex Collier. :’-(

  14. Velassar says:

    Quoting Daniel McCray from Dec 9 2013 at 10:07 pm:

    “does anyone know when the estimated date was for all of earth physicality to move up into the 5th dimensional plane. just wondering because im not sure if it is 31, 25, or the 12. these dates stick out to me for some reason. it could be any of those three and if it is the 12th then a lot of people might transition away. it seems so odd why so many forgot about the date that this was going to happen on. I am expecting something to happen but I am not sure if it is going to have anything to do with going into the 5th density; however I get the feeling something is going to pull through that will get us into the 5th density. I am not sure what but something tells me something will be coming, I cant say for sure but I feel something is coming.

    Thanks Daniel, I’m confident that something big will happen on or from December 25th 2013. You just made my day, sir. Thanks 🙂

  15. Alex Collier dot org says:

    Hi Guys

    I have removed some of the comments that were inappropriate or unhelpful to the discussion. Slanging matches are what give me pause to open a forum, since I do not want to spend my time clearing up egotistical messes.

    If you have questions please ask and wait for a response, if you do not receive a response ask your question again after a few days, but don’t be rude if you do not receive a response. Also, in responses to questions please be respectful, nobody knows for sure who anyone is and therefore respect people regardless of their opinion. Abusive language will result in entire threads being deleted.

    Keep it civil please.


    James Harkin
    On behalf of

  16. Velassar says:

    @Gurtej Singh: I’m trying to gather some relevant info from people in the know here. If you have any info to share on that, please do tell them here. We need to know.

  17. Velassar says:

    Guys, does December 24-25 2013 ring a bell to any of you guys here? I’m asking this because some circles of people have said that they have spiritual awareness that something of great significance and import is supposed to happen on those days. If any of you guys have more info on that, can you share it with us here? Thanks

  18. Velassar says:

    I don’t get why people would be so disappointed that nothing happened on 3rd December 2013. That info was way back from 17 years ago, in contrast to Tolec’s info, which was much newer than Collier’s. Back in 2011, Tolec’s Andromedan contacts told him the date for the density shift will be January 2014.

    I too have my own separate human contacts that told me that they too have higher dimensional entities that told them the dimensional shift would be in mid-January 2014. They told me that ET contact would happen weeks before mid-January 2014, so that could happen by the last day of this month.

    • Luis Macías Casas says:

      Are you absolutely sure? Let’s say… in at least… 100 % 100, that the ascension, shift, Planet Liberation or whatever you wanna’ call it it’s gonna’ happen… ?

      I’m not saying i don’t trust you, it’s just… from what i read the change is gonna’ be so INCREDIBLE BIG to us that we are gonna’ become… well, semi-gods…

      Forgive me for everything but i’m being searching a desperate proof that says that the ascension is true in a 100 % 100, and if this thing doesn’t happen then i’m done with Alex Collier, Tolec and whoever wanna’ say another… thing for not say a bad word…

      • Awakened says:

        i got dubious about everyone now. Tolec has said a lot of things in the past that did’t come true. I actually dropped the whole ascension idea coz nothing strange seems to happen. so I think jan 2014 will be same as jan 2013

      • Luis Macías Casas says:

        Yeah… everything is so ambiguous… and everything seems to be exactly as this “ascension” thing would it be a hoax from internet…

      • Awakened says:

        if something like this happened it would be great but HIGHLY unlikely. I think we should prepare for the worse. people who still believe tolec as crazy, might be up for a rude awakening

      • Luis Macías Casas says:

        You so right there, Awakened… by the way, i’m going to sleep, good nights!!

  19. Ann says:

    I think that would be a great idea! I have a few stories that I’ve been dying to share and would love to contribute. Feel free to email me and let me know what you would like me to do.

  20. yamato says:

    When will Defending Sacred Ground 2 ET22 ebook release? 🙂

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