March Replay Now Available!

Alex Collier

Alex is hosting his Eighth 90 minute LIVE webinar including Questions and Answers.

Friday March 18, 2016

Webinar Replay
Available NOW!

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  1. Reply

    Hi I missed your april 22 webinar When will the replay facility be operational? thx T

    • Lucille
    • March 22, 2016

    The end of the video seems cut off with no closing words. Is there a second part to it?
    Thank you

    (EDITOR: Alex had to vacate the room at the library. This is why the webinar seems to end abruptly.)

  2. Reply

    When will we be able to have access to replay this latest webinar march 18th thx terry

    (EDITOR: The webinar replay will be available via Video on Demand on Monday March 21, 2016.)

    • Sara Nickerson Weslow
    • March 20, 2016

    The webinars are amazing in their truths. It is information that holds it’s weight, so real,………..and so many do not know these truths. This is a sad reality. I thank you, Alex…….for your information, and it’s sharing. May you be given many blessings and positive abundances………

      • Donna
      • March 20, 2016

      Please forgive me I thought the webinar was 20 march and now I cannot find a way to purchase it keeps saying too late.

      (EDITOR: The webinar was on Friday March 18, 2016. The webinar replay will be available via Video on Demand on Monday March 21, 2016.)

    • Johanna
    • March 18, 2016

    Excellent webinar. I would like to once again thank you all for your hard work and bringing us such amazing information!
    Blessings from Sweden!

    – Johanna

  3. Reply

    I almost forgot.

    Please everyone, watch these 2 parts I edited awhile back, yes I’ll re-up one without the music as people are wanting without one.



  4. Reply

    I will defin’t be there.

    In the meantime folks, please visit my Misc Alex Collier views.

    Majority of my videos don’t really have many views at all but I don’t care, Longs I can change one person’s life, that’s all that matters.

    Here are the Misc Videos:

    Spread them along to who’s interested, thanks:

    Alex Collier’s 2002(Image/Text)Files:

    Alex Collier’s 2001 Zenetae Interview(Image/Text):


    Alex Collier’s: Grey’s Agenda Files:

    Also take a look at these’s as well:

    Credo Mutwa:

    Bill Cooper’s Famous ufo lecture:


    Maurizio Cavallo(Clarion Abductee/Contactee)Files:

    Thank you and See you all at the upcoming Webinar.

    Stay at one with Creation Itself,


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