Alex Collier’s links list from his eighth live webinar…

To see Alex Collier's analysis of this data you must listen to his amazing revelations regarding Nibiru shared within his eighth live webinar available on Video-On-Demand from Monday March 21, 2016.

“To date your information about the Nibiru system has not only been spot on, but head and shoulders above what everyone else in the contactee community has offered. I can tell you on a personal level your information is deeply appreciated. There is a wonderful community of people tracking Nibiru now and I am very impressed with their methodology,  creativity and maturity of observation.” – Julian Metter

Link #1 – from Steve OlsonA series of photo studies of the Allskycam in Australia seems to be showing a clear shot of Nibiru and its 4 moons, as shown in early NASA photos…difference here being it is in our backyard. We see the HALO from space now, that isnt going away, and more photos.

Link #2 – from Big Asian Package BlogI bring back the hexagon hypothesis after testing an instance of the hexagon-appearing sun with a camera rotation test. There's also footage of a gigantic pink cloud that despite moving quickly across the sky does not change shape. Finally, there is footage from 605 in the evening of the eastern horizon & it appears to be lit from below the horizon.

Link #3 – from Shill Killer:

Link #4 – from Shill Killer:

Link #5 – from Jeff P:

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    • Craig
    • May 19, 2016

    Got some information on Nibiru arrival according to three sources. Al Bielek Montauk Time traveler indicates that atomic destruction followed by earth changing weather devastation around 2020-2025. The Israel Jewish 70th jubilee which ends late 2026 minus the post tribulation period is around mid 2022. It is very evident that the Earths Atmosphere is cleansed right after the thermonuclear war due to radical pole shift bringing with it the new Earth. The last week of Daniels 70 weeks, one last week (7 years) is from late 2019-2026.

    • Craig
    • May 11, 2016
    • Craig
    • May 11, 2016

    Found a youtube video that sees a pink bloom over a yellowish glow in the South sky of New Zealand. I have witness this sighting myself during evening daylight saving hours and was very clearly defined, As the sun set is apparent in the West, this could be the Net slowing down or stopping the incoming Planetary system Nibiru, any ideas if this is apparent. Seems to be in the general direction between Neptune and Uranus in the night sky at this time.

    Thanks for all your work on the Webinars Alex, Love them very much.

    • Sara Nickerson Weslow
    • April 6, 2016

    Hello James……..Thank you for the videos 1,2,3,4 and 5. They were amazing. I am thinking about Alex today, and wondering how he is doing. How is it going financially for him……living expenses and food. I sent him some money, felt a need especially that day. I hope he is taking good care of himself and eating clean organic food. Does he need something in particular?…….like a down quilt, new pillows, any kitchenware, sheets, new towels…….things like that? Is there a whole food market where I can get him a gift certificate?Does he need soap? I use a wonderful hand made soap, organic called” Beekman 1802″, that is moisturizing, very nice,I can send him. They make shampoo in soap form and it is really a nice product. I just want to help him in any way that I can………you name it and I will send it to him, love my Amazon. Will there be a webinar soon? Looking forward to it…….Blessings to you, Roz

    • Alex Gauthier
    • March 22, 2016

    I’ve been following Alex Collier and even Simon Parkes for a while and, both have said this year that something would happen around the end of march, something about Nibiru and/or things about it, but there’s nothing yet. We have been told by many sources that aliens would begin to show themselves to us for the past few year’s but yet… nothing. It’s still the same status quo on earth :/ what is happening?

    • Pennie
    • March 21, 2016

    Hi Alex, I am sorry to keep asking the same question, but you still have not gotten to the answer I am looking for. How can a civilization function without money? I want details. For instance, if I need a new pair of shoes, what do I do? Is there a cobbler who specializes in making shoes and will make them for me? If so, how does that work with no money? Or does everyone learn to make and do everything for themselves? If I needed shoes would I have to make my own? What about clothes, food, houses? Does everyone just make their own? I suppose with their day being a month long, there would be enough hours in the day to do this.. LOL..
    You speak of them going to school for 150 yrs or so, who pays the teachers? Are there specially trained people who teach, or do the parents do all the teaching? How do they manage the details of life with no money or medium of exchange?
    Thanks for your webinars Alex, I am enjoying everyone of them..

      • marco
      • March 22, 2016

      hi pennie i believe your too tuck on the 3rd dimensional type reality an i can see why it can be frustrating hearing the same questions by most indivuals when the answer i within u as an individual and we should be empowering ourselves at this point as its imperative to make peace withourselves and too answer perhaps the question of living without money look up michael tellinger . love and light be the light money is lower vibrational energy to takes away from what is truth

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