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To see Alex Collier's analysis of this data you must listen to his amazing revelations regarding Nibiru shared within his eighth live webinar available on Video-On-Demand from Monday March 21, 2016.

“To date your information about the Nibiru system has not only been spot on, but head and shoulders above what everyone else in the contactee community has offered. I can tell you on a personal level your information is deeply appreciated. There is a wonderful community of people tracking Nibiru now and I am very impressed with their methodology,  creativity and maturity of observation.” – Julian Metter

Link #1 – from Steve OlsonA series of photo studies of the Allskycam in Australia seems to be showing a clear shot of Nibiru and its 4 moons, as shown in early NASA photos…difference here being it is in our backyard. We see the HALO from space now, that isnt going away, and more photos.

Link #2 – from Big Asian Package BlogI bring back the hexagon hypothesis after testing an instance of the hexagon-appearing sun with a camera rotation test. There's also footage of a gigantic pink cloud that despite moving quickly across the sky does not change shape. Finally, there is footage from 605 in the evening of the eastern horizon & it appears to be lit from below the horizon.

Link #3 – from Shill Killer:

Link #4 – from Shill Killer:

Link #5 – from Jeff P:

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