October Webinar Replay Now Available!

Alex Collier

Alex hosted his third 90 minute LIVE webinar including Questions and Answers.

Friday 23rd October 2015


Webinar Replay Available

Alex Collier Webinar Special



  1. Steve says:

    Hey there – any chance of a rental of this? Missed it!

  2. gnak says:

    i know alex needs the money

    but im not sure if the andromedans will view this positively

    • tsb049 says:

      Hey gnak,

      How do you know the A’s won’t view this positively. They sure don’t view money as a positive thing but they never told Alex that he couldn’t make money off the material. Alex made this decision himself when he started. His morals were that since this information didn’t come from him then he shouldn’t make money from it. However, we all change. He needs to survive just as you and I do.

  3. Laura says:

    Hearing Alex Collier is always a wake-up and look-alive call for me…
    I am deeply grateful to be connected with his outlook & information!!
    Thank you so very much for sharing your wisdom & compassion,
    Alex Collier!!!! After listening several times to your listing of steps for
    “Journey of the Soul”, I still cannot make out clearly the last two
    words for the first step of “Stating One’s Intention:
    Could you please clarify further?
    Is it “…leave timelessness.” ?
    PLEASE explain this further. It would seem we should be entering
    a new sense of “Time” and so I don’t understand yet your meaning
    here. Many Thanks!!
    May we all enter that time of “Great Love” which you suggested
    many will be coming into fairly soon!!!

  4. I-M says:

    Is there some way one can see the latest webinar 3 video? When I click on it, Vimeo states that it’s no longer available. I presumed that it would be available after the fact just as the previous webinars have been. Will it be made available soon, please? If so, when?

  5. mason adams says:

    Hey guys, does anyone know if this will include a call in number for live questions?

    (EDITOR: There will be no call in number, live webinar participants can ask questions in the dedicated webinar chat room.)

  6. Zachary says:

    Does Alex have any news on how Morenae is doing?

    Does Alex have any opinion on Miles Johnston and the work he has been doing with his Bases Files on YouTube?

    Does Alex have any opinions on the Lacerta Files?

    I appreciate the information you have given to us. I give my best to Alex Collier.

  7. Chan says:

    I imagine a lot of us are working on our own stuff; our 9 to 5’s, guidance and quieting our minds, what would be your advice, or the A’s, in how we shape our future?

    How to focus on what we want, without it being some vague dream. How much detail is needed for it to take shape, or is the intent in it self enough to bring it forth.

    Thanks Alex!
    love to you 🙂

  8. Steve says:

    *What does Alex think/know about Trump?
    *What does he know about the recent deep space discovery of what NASA say could be artificial structures?
    *Any news on Defending Sacred Ground 2 or Captain Denar?
    *I know this is probably none of mine/anyone’s business but is there anything we can do collectively to help Alex unite with his family?

    Much love!

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