Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – June 1996

Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – June 1996

Editorial by Alex Collier

Dear Friends,

We all have the greatest treasure to be found on any dimensional level. There are no fortunes on this earth that can be compared with it. The gift responds to all and any vibrations that you can create. It is the gift that each on of us was given at the creation. That gift is the breath of spirit, our connection to eternity. The breath of the Isness is to create ourselves.

I would like all of you to know that change is imminent. What those changes are we can create, or uncreate. Disaster does not have to occur. We do not have to self-fulfill an ancient prophecy or belief system, but WE must take self-responsibility for the change and the creation of our selves. Friends, the Andromedans have said that everything in our world and the rest of the universe is a belief system.

What we see around us is here because we believe we need it here. And, outside of the manipulation of some of the ET’s that have been violating our free will space, our world and the problems it has are the result of our actions as a race. Real love for self creates trust and knowledge. Trust and knowledge dispels fear and where fear does not live inside a soul, there is no longer a need to build a self-imposed prison inside ones own heart. Our spirit is free to express itself and to create unconditional responsibility.

There is no real division, I’m told by Vasais, between spirit and matter. All things of matter respond to spirit, and all spirit responds to matter. We are all here on Earth to build our character, and it is the way that we face our problems that creates our character. That develops Who and What we are and builds what is inside us and that is spirit.

“The seed is always true to its type,” Morenay once told me. Our spirits grows through kindness, toleration, sympathy, love, and service to others. We are all spiritual beings and soon all of us will face the responsibility of this fact.

Our experiences are part of our evolution and creation. The truth regarding our spirit selves is intended to free our planet and its races, by teaching us to free ourselves. It appears to be a slow process at times, because it’s one mind at a time, but the Andromedans have said that mass conversion always fail because they violate free will by using hypnotic technology.

I would like to close my comments to you with a quote from Morenay, on Leadership which was published in the first newsletter. It’s so important that I will be going back to it from time to time.

“They, the leaders, should thereby raise each of the governed to his or her own level, according to the principles of consistency (ed. comment – consciousness) from beginning to end. The mistakes, as we have studied and observed, are that throughout your history, hero-worship and fame-seeking have risen to the point of the idea that your leaders are great, and the general populace is ignorant and powerless. This concept in your country contradicts a true democracy and is wrong.

So it shall be that individuals must and will awaken and unite voluntarily. Some will be artists, scientists and other from all walks of life. They will become teaching leaders of the people with whom they are working directly and will teach all men and women to be leaders. At the same time, it is important that those who support them also become leaders also.”

“To be a leader in your world, we would only suggest that the requirement be simple and evolve from the real essence of mankind. Leaders should be in absolute faith of their humanhood, declaring always, the greatness of God and self-responsibility. They must also put the right person in the right place and be courageous about it. The idea is to build long term integrity in all aspects of life and leadership. Courage is indispensable to be a leader. Leadership is no place for cowardice.”

“Building an honest and healthy race of human beings, means producing a world of leaders of the true law of ONENESS. Development of faith, integrity, and character is both the starting point and the end result. This will make all people capable human beings.

Being a leader is to help develop people, and to help people develop into self-responsibility; to be spiritually mature and free to cultivate voluntary introspection. Mankind can develop remarkably, even under adverse circumstances. When Earth awakens to her mission and towards her great objective, we have full faith that your all will be successful, and a source of great pride to us all.”

Friends, I cannot really express how much I love Morenay and Vasais. They are my father, brother and friend. I only hope that what I share with you of my life and experiences with them give you some insight into who they are inside. They are leaders, and they are teaching myself and others to be leaders. That’s just their way.

Please, remember not to turn on each other. We are all we have.

If we don’t care for our own, no one will. I love you.


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