Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – November 1996 – Part 4

Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – November 1996

Moranae: Prepare and Invest

“Alex, we have already spoken with you in detail of your races genetic transfers and reincarnation before. I will mention them again when necessary because your path and happiness depend on being able to attain the truth. Yes, we are aware of the situation of your planet show great deviation off the right path in the sincerity period.

But please if your would try to share this moment in your planets evolution as a preparation for the investments, which will be made in the very near future for your races. Since the removal of conditions by density technology, your evolution is going at a faster pace, I think you say, than before.”

[Note: Here Moraney paused in the middle of the talk to listen to information regarding movement of craft around Uranus.

He smiled and then resumed.]

“We have had to raise the frequency of your planet to move change and enlightenment along. Such a broad word you use, this word, enlightenment. It was necessary. This also means that great tests of tolerances will be caused by delusionary discriminations between your peoples. At the present moment your races are carrying in your DNA genetics the influences of a thousand centuries, as your count rotations, both the positive and negative aspect. Please understand we are trying to prepare your races far advanced maturity.

At present moment many transfers occur in your planet from many different cultures and planes. Each member of the races on and in your planet will naturally exhibit their own mentality. They do and will contradict your habitual cultures. But please do not forget that we have told your about mental conflicts cause each to go though test of maturity. We determine your mentalities through the impulse signals we receive from your races chain of thoughts.

Now the selection of man or woman and the situations they transcend are much more difficult, because their preparation of the future is in accordance with their levels of consciousness. There is no intercession. What ever is created will manifest itself.

Alex, you cannot help all your races.

Each member of your races will feel their essence in the balancing of positive and negative as they have done and it will be weighed in their own consciousness. Those who prepare and invest will be prepared for the evolution to another density. The countenance of your planet is changing quickly.”


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