Alex Collier – Secret Earth History

Alex Collier Secret Earth History (7 Part Playlist)


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13 Responses to “Alex Collier – Secret Earth History”

  1. Viv says:

    This is very important information that is still extremely relevant. I believe the video was originally created from a seminar Alex was teaching in 2002 because he references the “coming year of 2003.” Highly recommend watching!

  2. Marlon says:

    This video is the same as the other one: Alex Collier – History Of The Galaxy – 2002

  3. Funker99 says:

    The videos are no longer available, can u guys fix it please.

    (ED: Fixed)

  4. Dener says:

    Ao prezado Alex Collier (espero este contato lhe chegue ao conhecimento), parabenizo-vos pela atuação em prol de um mundo melhor e confesso que fiquei contente´”em parte” pelos comenta que fazes sobre a visão que ETs tem ne nós, pois que, fecha totalmente com meus blog e livros. Se um dia puder, recomendo dar uma olhadela em e Claro que por minna colocação radical em torno dessa mesma classificação que construímos, fico a parte e praticamente não há quem queira falar comigo, mas não me importo com isso e acredito seja mais um problema para os outros. Sucesso prezados amigos “você e os ETs de bom coração, digamos assim”

    Translation: “When dear Alex Collier (hopefully this gets you to contact knowledge), I congratulate you for its efforts towards a better world and I confess that I was glad ‘”in part” by the comments that you make about the vision that ETs have ne us, because he closes completely with my blog and books. If one day you can, I recommend taking a look at and course by minna radical placement around this same classification we build I get the part and there is hardly anyone who wants to talk to me, but do not care about it and I believe it is more a problem for others. Success dear friends “you and the ETs of good heart, so to speak””…

  5. Anna says:

    It’s a terrible shame that this world and it’s beings have stopped your message. I, too, have worn the circlet. You are not alone in the lessons you have learned.

  6. SJ says:

    It plays all parts itself. You don’t need to click anything. That’s why it says “7 part playlist” in parenthesis

  7. Nancy says:

    Is there more following the 7th segment of Secret Histories?

  8. red says:

    i like this man

  9. Kamal Kattab says:

    Dear Mr Alex,
    I am interested in your beliefes.
    I have two inquiries
    1-the andromedan wiew of the religions like christianity and Islam, profets as well like Jesus and Mohammed.
    2- what do Andromedans say about the Ascend of profit Mohammed to the sky and comming back ?

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