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Whispers Of The Past – Global Wings Conference – 2002

Alex Collier at the August 2002 Global Wings Conference in Denver, Colorado, USA. His talk was entitled ‘Whispers Of The Past.' It was one of the last appearances he had before his retirement that lasted five years, due among other things to the threats he received.

Some of the themes that Alex Collier develops are the following: The current version of Earth History versus the Andromedan version of Galactic History; The importance of caring for ecosystems; The conflicts between the two great orders of organic life; The components of human genetics; Extraterrestrial colonies; Wormholes; Motherships; Edenes; Prejudices; Tradition of communication between the races; Lemuria and Atlantis; The Ciakar; The Greys; Wars of Coercion; Phobos and Deimos; Dolphins and Whales; Council of Andromeda; The Andromedans; Zenetaens; Ascension; The Dogons and their relationship with Sirius B; Shape-shifting; Royalty and lineages; Walk-ins; Illuminati; Planet X; Nibiru; and the recognition of regressive, benevolent and hybrid beings by extraterrestrial races. The information is vital for understanding the historical intervention by extraterrestrials.

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