Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – April 1996 – Part 2

Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – April 1996

Time : An Andromedan Principle

Dictated by Moraney

A moment of consciousness. Thus consciousness is a background upon which our thoughts, and feelings, and sensations can reveal themselves. Over and above all this, consciousness has several exactly definable forms or phases, and each one which – such as thoughts, feelings, and sensations – can function independently and can each give different results. It is important only to establish the fact that these three phase of forms are not consciousness, and that it (consciousness) is pertaining to them but is still separate from them.

Here is an idea that which could reorganize all knowledge. I will endeavor to explain, using the language of common sense. We Andromedans use or employ nine mutually interchangeable coordinates, six of space and three of time; in other words we use time as though it were a dimension of space. Time is in your concepts, the forth dimension.

And space, imperfectly sensed and apprehended by consciousness successively, does thereby create a temporal illusion. And, as such, you are concerning yourselves with ideas and magnitudes to which ordinary logic no longer apply. We feel that our concepts contain a pathway in it – a bridge of the very poles of thoughts. To some, it will rob them of their dearest and most sacred illusions, and will cut the very ground from beneath their feet. It will be, we hope, a destroyer of complacency.

We know there are different grades of consciousness observable in nature – those of vegetable and animal, and animal and man. And with the reason of seeing space and time clearly, you will see that as consciousness changes and develops, the wisdom of space changes and develops also.

We feel that the dimensionality of your world depends on the development of consciousness. With your race having reached the forth stage in that development, it is now a clear sense of three dimensional space, and for what reason. Again we feel that nothing except consciousness unfolds and develops and there appear to be no limit to this development.

We understand change to be a multi-dimensional mirror of consciousness and time and motion as illusions. What then does this mean to you of your world? What appears to be time and motion are in reality only the movement of consciousness upon a higher space or dimension. The challenge that we feel is coming to those that develop higher dimensional thoughts is that they will indeed inherit and control and regulate human affairs by reason of their superior wisdom and power.

The struggle for mastery between the blind and the unconscious forces of materialism on the one side and the spiritually awakened on the other is soon to be upon you. And all conflicts between nations, peoples, and classes must now be interpreted in terms of this greater warfare between two races of men, in which the superior minority will either conquer or disappear.

The Isness is polarizing the beings of love and those of fear. The separation is beginning to occur. The world you are creating will be a direct reflection of who you on Earth believe yourselves to be.

Do you know who you are?

– Moraney

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