Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – September 1995

Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – September 1995


Andromedan Council About Crop – Circles

received by Alex Collier


This information is for distribution. I, a contactee do swear that this information is as given. It's short and to the point.

“We are placing many of the crop circles, however, not all of them. The issue is being confused. Our perspective is this: In your ancient past when the “gods” were returning from their expeditions along trade routes, many different races had outposts. To your race this is called civilization. Your secret priesthoods have been at the highest levels witholding information regarding the symbols in the crop circles. They are appearing from us, to make clear our boundaries regarding your free will. We will support your free will, but you must ask for our support. We have codes that we live by. The other crop circles are from those of Orion. They are and have been a calling card of sorts.

Orion, in your past would leave the mark when they were approaching the solar system. The secret priesthoods know this. And then the priesthoods start to create confusion and war in the world before Orion arrives. Orion feeds off the energy. It's an offering. Your energy is an offering.

All of the planets in your solar system have monuments on their surface at 19.5 degrees N and S. The reason is that it creates a magnetic polarity between the planets. Example: your Earth and Mars. Your Moon prior to being placed into your orbit, was polarized with Maldek. If you continue to follow the pattern of your solar system you will see all planets are polarized together. This creates a sound and harmonic frequency. It has a pattern.

It can, and is, being used to hold back a race of wonderful, loving, royal beings – You. You have been polarized to the negative polarity. Real love and respect will short circuit the coding. The planet will respond to your vibration. She loves you.

10% of you Terrans must hold a common vision. That vision must come from inside you. Think for yourself. Pay attention. Remember, all you really have is each other. Don't lose faith. Be at one.”

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    • Antonio
    • January 4, 2022

    Can you bring back the downloadable PDFs for these articles? Those were really helpful for personal keeping.

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    The information is exactly as my Dream expressed. Right down to the harmonic frequencies.
    Thank you 🙏🏻.

    • Luni Pax
    • May 23, 2018

    I do feel in my heart this message is real and true. Since I’ve learned this, yesterday, the cloud of depression just immediately left my soul. Thank you so much for speaking out, Alex!

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      But what if we tear down the monuments that are 19.5 N and S. Won’t that stop the negative magnetic polarity or is love and respect the only answer which I like you idea more than the idea I just came up with. It’s just respect and love are things you have to be patient with to fully understand them, and patience can take a lot of time, it’s not that I don’t have a 3 day life expectancy but I’m not a patient person I know that’s probably a bad thing but I don’t think the human race is capable of such an emotional and spiritual feat I give them the benefit of doubt during a war not to be offensive I honestly feel this because we have killed many of our own people and we’ve done it in horrible ways. One example I’ll never get out of my mind is the Atomic bomb, killing people on a massive scale. The amount of death Sometimes rattles my soul in sadness I can’t imagine how many people were evaporated in just seconds. Because of this I still have problems loving some of my own people. I love America and the righteousness I believe it once stood for. I also love this planet more than I love myself I wake up and look outside and thank god i live on such a beautiful and wonderful and extraordinary earth this place has given me so many beautiful sights that I’ve seen that feels my heart with happiness. It’s just we human beings are the ones who need a lot of work done I hope there are not many with my opinion but I have to say I’m confused on how this world will determine its preparedness when we know who the true oppressors are? I will definitely be one begging for your Andromedan loving and guiding help. To the Andromedans I have to say sorry it’s just that history has only shown how brutal we can be, but I know deep down that there is hope for this race of being it’s just that I think there’s going to need to be extra terrestrial intervention.

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