Alex Collier – Earth Transformation Japan – 2007

Alex Collier – Earth Transformation Japan – 2007

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Con-Artist or Andromedan – Detractors On Alex Collier…

In recent weeks there has been some controversy surrounding Alex Collier, regarding the take down of three radio interviews as well as a radio interview that accuses Alex as being a con-artist. I am not at liberty to name names, but most visitors to this site understand what has occurred and who is involved.

Alex Collier

Some of you have asked for clarification and my own personal views on the subject. I have waited for Alex to tell his side of the story before releasing this post. I have also chatted with a number of people regarding this issue and therefore this post will share with you what I feel about the situation.

First of all I have reviewed the written documental evidence provided by the accuser and some of it is circumstantial, based on unreliable third party testimony. Other documental evidence was regarding the court case and subsequent incarceration of the person we now know as Alex Collier. In response, Alex Collier has spoken at length in the Shiny Demise radio show in March about his jail sentence in relation to tax issues  as well as his change of name.

Whether Alex Collier is a con-artist or not, his message is beautiful and resonates with many of us. If he is, he would have to be very good at it, and if he really is that good, why is he on skid row? Also, if he is making up his story, sometimes that is what real channeling and telepathy feels like. He may even think himself that he has made it up, but it has been projected into his mind. Whether there is a technology doing it or he really is from Andromeda, nobody but Alex Collier can really know for sure. We can only learn from his teachings and use them to better our own lives…

I like what Alex Collier has to say, since 1994 his story and his letters from Andromeda have resonated with our hearts and we all know eventually we will meet our galactic family, even our own genetic creators… At the very least Alex Collier's message is positive for humanity. Therefore, let us raise our glasses to Andromeda and to Moraney and Theseus, who if we have thought of them … exist …

Please, if you can spare any extra funds, donate to Alex Collier. Anything you can afford will be much appreciated.

If you don't have a PayPal account, you can also send money orders to:
Alex Collier, 151 Summer St. #292, Morrison, CO 80465 USA

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New Alex Collier Radio Interviews

We have been informed of two new Alex Collier radio interviews from Shiny Demise Radio, one recorded in February 2012 and the other on Friday 2nd March 2012. You can listen to the interviews in the Audio Interviews section of the site. I wish to thank Astrid and Chuck for bringing these interviews to my attention.

Alex Collier

I also understand from the interview that Alex Collier still very much so needs our help with donations. So, if you are able to donate any money to his needs, please do so.

If you don't have a PayPal account, you can also send money orders to:

Alex Collier, 151 Summer St. #292, Morrison, CO 80465 USA

 Also, we are still craving any Alex Collier content. If you have or know of any content that is not already on our site, please contact us using the contact us form and we will put it up.

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What Happened To The Three Latest Interviews?…

I have been receiving messages of late relating to the lack of completeness of the website.

Unfortunately due to unknown reasons I have been ordered, with threat of legal action, with specific relation to having this site shut down if I didn't comply immediately, to remove the links to the radio interviews dated 29th October 2011, 8th December 2011 and 6th January 2012. I have also been ordered to remove the name of, and links to the radio show host. Therefore, you will need to do a search on the Internet for any other links to this content as I am unable to provide them here. Find them, and listen to them before they are removed from Internet history.

I don't know what exactly has transpired, but its a sad and sorry state of affairs if you ask me. Whatever the reason for this censorship the truth shall eventually prevail. Down with Censorship!

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Alex Collier Book List

I have found several of Alex Collier's great books and have listed them for your enjoyment on separate pages on the blog. Please use the drop down menu, or the menu on the right hand side or the list below to read the books.

Alex Collier – Defending Sacred Ground – 1996

Alex Collier – The Adventures Of Captain Denar – 2012


Please Donate To Alex Collier, Anything You Can Afford Will Be Appreciated

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Alex Collier Video List

I have found 12 of Alex Collier's great video presentations and have listed them for your enjoyment on separate pages on the blog. Please use the drop down menu, or the menu on the right hand side or the list below to watch the videos.

Alex Collier – Video Interview – 1994

Alex Collier – Breaking The Chains – 1995

Alex Collier – At The Ranch – 1996

Alex Collier – Secret Earth History

Alex Collier – Global Wings Conference – 2002

Alex Collier – History Of The Galaxy – 2002

Alex Collier – 14 Years After The Ground Breaking 1994 Interview – 2008

Alex Collier – Exopolitics Earth Transformation Conference – 2008

Alex Collier – UFO Hypotheses – 2009

Alex Collier – The Other Side Of The Glass Interview – 2009

Alex Collier – Project Camelot Awake and Aware Conference – 2009

Alex Collier – Earth Transformation Conference – 2010


Please Donate To Alex Collier, Anything You Can Afford Will Be Appreciated

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Please Help Alex Collier


Myself and my girlfriend are fans of Alex Collier and have listened and watched many of his interviews and presentations. This is why we decided to register We were recently reading comments from Kerry Cassidy's Project Camelot Productions blog and found out that Alex has fallen on hard times. Therefore, we thought we'd use this domain to promote Alex Collier's work and to try and help Alex in any way we can.

Alex Collier

His, friend created a blog with updates regarding Alex Collier and his current situation.

This is what the article says:

Millions of people on planet Earth have heard my friend Alex Collier reporting the good, bad and ugly truth regarding extraterrestrials. However, most people do not know that Alex paid a price for going public with that information. For the past few years, he has been unable to get work due to his reputation as an “alien conspiracy” theorist. This situation also contributed directly to the destruction of his marriage and family life. He really needs some help right now to get back on his feet.

On October 28 of 2011, Alex was a guest on my show. At that time, I urged people that know and respect Alex around the world to come to his aid. Although a few people have offered to help… the situation for Alex remains dire. He has been trying to find work for the past few years with no luck.

Here is a message received from Alex Collier on November 29, 2011 (name of recipient removed):

XXX, Sleeping in a friend’s pop up trailer with no heat. Could use any help at all. Prayers, energy clearing, donation whatever………… I hope this is the darkness before the dawn, buddy. I am very, very tired……….

On December 1, 2011 Alex created a PayPal account to accept funds electronically.

Please send your PayPal donations to Alex Collier using this e-mail:

Or, if you prefer to send a money order please use the address below:

Alex Collier

151 Summer St. #292

Morrison, CO 80465


My friend Alex has been receiving your thoughts and prayers and aid. Although he is in the process of rebuilding his life, on December 8 Alex took time to appear on my radio show to publicly thank everyone that has assisted him and to give an update on his life and what he feels the future holds for mankind on this planet. (ed. I am unable to link to the show because I have been threatened for using the guy's name or linking to his website)


This week, Alex Collier was a guest on XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. He gave us a link to a web site for his upcoming books, and we took a record number of phone calls from around the world.


I spoke with Alex today. He does not have the money to pay the cell phone bill. Therefore, he will not be able to do any more radio interviews, or make phone calls, until more funds arrive. Also, he will be without a place to stay as of February 4th (he has been living in a motel for the past couple of months). Donations to assist Alex stopped coming in the first week of 2012 and his novel is not yet published, so he has no income.

I know some people have offered to let Alex stay with them, but he doesn’t have the money to travel anywhere right now. It is absolutely criminal that so many people are struggling to survive. In my opinion, the only thing that can save us is a dramatic shift in our consciousness. Just trying to fix the old, corrupt system is not going to resolve the problem.



Therefore if you are able to help Alex Collier, either finding him some work or can send him a few dollars through PayPal, it would truly be appreciated.

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Welcome to Alex Collier dot org

Alex Collier information coming soon!

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